Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide- All New!

This free Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide has been called the "Mac Daddy" of resources for starting THM. I’m SUPER excited to share this updated THM Quick Start Guide with all of my Trim Healthy Mama friends! The Trim Healthy Mama book (click to read my review of the Original book here and the new Plan book here) and community helped me make some major changes in my life. The book helped me to understand food in a whole new light.

Early on, I saw a need for a quick way to jump onto the plan as I was reading and really digesting all of the material in the book. Right away, I knew others would benefit from the cheat sheets and tips I was compiling. I wanted to share and help others along the way. I contacted Pearl, the author, and got permission to create the Facebook group, and the authors graciously gave me permission to post and share my Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide. And the rest is history.

40+ pages of free helps, tips, and insights!

By following the principles in the book, and using the exact same tips in this guide, I lost over 40 pounds in 6 months. You’ll read more of my story in the guide when you download it below. Since this little Quick Start Guide came out, it’s helped thousands of other women start their journey to better health, and the Facebook Groups blossomed out into many different topics, and nearly a million members (at the time of this writing). It’s high time to do a little update!

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Printable sweeteners guide removes the guesswork.

My first guide was just a quick reference that I threw together. This is the same short & sweet version at heart, but I’ve refined and updated it a bit, and have added a few handy printables, MORE links, and a little study guide to get you really digging into your book.

[bctt tweet=”This is the same short & sweet version at heart, but I’ve refined and updated it a bit #THM #trimhealthymama”]Trim-Healthy-Mama-Book-Review-(26-of-41)

The original Quick Start Guide was written for the Original Trim Healthy Mama book. But since the new books Trim Healthy Mama Plan and Cookbook have come out, I’ve updated the page numbers so you can follow along with either the original book or the new ones.


This (Unofficial) Quick Start Guide is my gift to you, and I hope that this, along with the recipes and articles I’ve posted here on my site are a help to you on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle and relationship to food through the Trim Healthy Mama plan.


Please Note: this is a digital product that may be printed (as shown) for your own personal use. The file and all contents are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced, sold, copied, stored on another site or hard drive for distribution, or shared (even for free) without permission. Please feel free to share the pin or post link freely though…and thank you!

Download the free Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide here.QSG 3 Ring Notebook

P.S. Having trouble downloading? Try switching over to a different browser. Chrome seems to work well. This is a large file, so you may need to download it completely to your computer, and then print it out.

P.S.S Ready to get started? You can find all of my favorite products for doing the Trim Healthy Mama plan in my Amazon Affiliate Store right here on my site, or you can find the THM products, including their *awesome* stevia, Sweet Blend, Baking Blend, and other fun stuff over at the THM Store (affiliate link.) Thanks for using my affiliate links!

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This free Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide has been called the "Mac Daddy" of resources for starting THM.

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  1. Susan E. says

    Thanks for making such an awesome reference to get started while I am learning the system from the main book. I have tried to explain this to my husband, but I get lost and then he is confused and the whole thing is a mess!

    Thank you so very much!!!

  2. Rachel Casaos says

    Is there anyway I could purchase a printed copy? I find the book so confusing. Thanks, Rachel

  3. Jodi says

    Ok, I give up. I, for the life of me, cannot get the Quick Start Guide to print off my PC. I have loaded and reloaded the page/browser multiple times and it fails every time I go to print. The .pdf does take forever to load but I scroll through making sure each page has been loaded before printing and it has been to no avail. Any chance I could get an emailed copy? .zip, .pdf or otherwise?
    Thanks Gwen!

    • Holly says

      My printer will not print large documents but it will work if print them 10 pages at a time. Might be worth a try?

  4. Lanelle Rogers says

    I so look forward to using your tips. I have had a hard time wrapping my mind around all the verbiage in the THM book, I can’t seem to pick out the plan to make me be able to follow. Thank you so much for making it simpler. I love the THM BOOK, BUT JUST HARD FOR ME TO FOLLOW, GLAD YOU HAD THE FORSIGHT TO HELP PEOPLE LIKE ME. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL THE THE THM’ERS OUT THERE

  5. Linda Lee says

    Gwen, you are very generous to give away your huge job of organizing and even making your work look delightful! Thank you! About me: I am a nearly 65 yr old child of God, woman, wife, mamma to 3 married children, and grandma to 12. My Terry and I have been married 47 yrs in August. Our first date was with my sister when Terry took us sailing on Lasers, small sailing boats.
    We live in the Pacific NW. For productivity I sew, knit and work on quilts. I cook THM for both of us, but Terry can loose just by cutting down. in the last year I have gone down from size 24 jeans to 16; and from size 18-22 dresses to 12-14s. For fun I read, play with the 3 grandchildren who live nearby and mess about in our vintage Westsail 28 (old sailboat). We love watching the grand girls learn to sail and then show off to their parents how much they’ve learned. One granddaughter is making plans to help me organize my sewing room and also help do some cleaning on the boat.Yesterday we fit a child safety harness we found for our local grandson. He seemed to like it. When he is attached the harness will allow him to roam more about the boat and stay on board. He’ll also wear a life jacket. Thank you again!

  6. Cindy Litchfield says

    Dear Gwen, Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this quick start guide. This is just what I need to stop half hearted attempts at the program and go full force. You are a life saver. Cindy

  7. Sandi says

    Hi Gwen,
    Thanks for creating the quick start guide. I used it when I started THM over a year ago. It’s great for beginners. I still refer to it:)

  8. Nadine Weaver says

    Dear Gwen,

    I can’t thank you and (Serene & Pearl) enough for the wonderful information. All of you have been a wonderful inspiration but Gwen, I feel like you have become a treasured friend. You are so honest and forthright in your daily blogs. It makes me feel that I too, can achieve success! I am 53, in good health with good blood panels. However, this is still a difficult time for weight loss. It happens, just slowly which becomes frustrating.
    I can’t thank you enough for your THM quick start guide which I just printed out. (I,too, love hi-lighting and making notes on pages.) My THM book is quite well worn, too!
    You are wonderful to take the time to share all of this with your THM friends. THANK YOU, so much!

  9. Deb Wheeler says

    Thanks for the quick start guide Gwen! I have had the book for months and for some reason, I just don’t seem to get it. I’m going to read this tonight when I get home and try again. I refuse to give up. There are too many success stories. Thanks for looking out for us Mama’s :)

  10. Susan Potter says

    Thank you, Gwen, for the Quick Start Guide. I’ve gained 100 pounds in 28 years of marriage and my doctor suggested THM for reversing the trend.

    I can do pretty well with S meals, but Es are much more difficult. I appreciate your willingness to give us this overview.

    God Bless,


  11. mardi smith says

    I would like very much for you to email me the quick start. Great reviews. I have been praying for this for a while. Thank you and am eager to get started.

  12. Deb says

    I would love to print out the documents from the facebook page, but I don’t have facebook. Is there another location or way that I could see or print these documents? The THM Meal Builder sounds especially good.
    Thanks for putting this all together and sharing it! :)

    • says

      Hi Deb,
      I’m no longer on the groups now. As far as I know there’s not a current way to access the docs other than the FB groups. They’re free resources, but you have to join to access, I guess. I’m hoping that they one day put it all on a website so it’s easier to access!

  13. says

    I have long been meaning to write to thank you for your many articles, links and encouragement. So, Thank you for taking the time and investing all you have invested in THM and Thank You for this THM-QSG. I’m so thankful for this today — I was so faithfully, strictly following the plan for so many months, never deviating from the plan and having great success. And then, somewhere along the way I lost my incentive or devotion or desire — I don’t know. So, since that time I have very loosely tried to stay on plan most all day every day and then some meal or several come along and I don’t have the drive to be disciplined. All that to say, thank you for this push…. for this succinct, abbreviated and yet, expanded, plan. I appreciate you, your generosity and dedication. God bless you. ————pamela

  14. Nancy Rinck says

    Thank you so much for this guide. I was waffling over should I eat as I always have or should I stick to my guns and do THM It is difficult for me to read for long periods of time. This guide will solve a lot of my problems. You have organized this beautifully and I will do what I need to do to make a healthier me. Gratefully yours, Nancy

  15. says

    Thank you for sharing this amazing gift! I have loved Trim Healthy Mama since Day One of my journey, and I often recommend your page to women who are just getting started. Having reliable information is so important and having so many fabulous recipes is the bow on the package! Thanks for all the work and time you’ve invested for all of us!

  16. Kathy says

    Thank you so much Gwen for the tips. The book is a nightmare for me due to nothing being simplified, no bullet points and no really any helpful lists. That includes the recipes that are written in paragraph form. I purchased the book and told a good friend I would go on this venture with her. She does not work and she has spent the last 6 months tabbing the book to death. Working woman do not have the time to try to read the entire book just to start the diet. The THM Book was poorly laid out. I only hope the cookbook is better. Once again thank you so very very much!

  17. Christie says

    Thanks for making this quick start guide. I have been on the plan for about nine months and have lost 40 pounds. Lots of people ask me about my diet. They are hesitant to purchase the book for some reason though. This may give them the start they need until they are sold on it. Also, my teenage daughter is on the plan as well. She won’t always eat what I will and sometimes try to do it on her own with limited success. This will definitely help!

  18. Joye says

    Is the Quick Start Guide no longer available to download? It says there is an error when I click on it.

  19. Stephanie says

    I’ve tried to print out the Quick Start guide, and even downloaded Chrome. It only prints out pages 1-6, with the tab reading Easy Bread Recipe Nutrition Information, even though pages 1-6 isn’t about that. Not sure what to do.

  20. Cheryl says

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this information with us! Very much appreciated! Happy 4th of July to you & yours!


  21. Melissa says

    Thank you so much for this guide. It is just what I needed to get started. I am so looking forward to this journey.

  22. farmerswife518 says

    Thank you for sharing, and writing, the QSG. I’ve been following THM on fb for quite a while, waffling on whether to “start” or not. I keep coming back to it, reading the testimonies and NSV’s and digging deeper into it. Now I’m here, and may finally get the push to start! :) Thanks again, and God Bless!

  23. Laura says

    Gwen, thanks for boiling all the information in the 619 page THM book down to such simple steps. I’ve been trying to follow THM for 2 months and not having much success. I hope your guide will be a key to my success!

  24. Julie says

    I know this is probably an odd question but I’m confused and want to be sure I’m understanding this right. We can download it to print it, but not save it to our own laptop we’re downloading it with, is that correct? Does the book print out with the links written out then? I downloaded it, but as I’m reading through it and about to print I notice all the wonderful links are clickable, but they don’t have the written out web addy. I guess I’m asking if we can save it to our personal laptop or whatever we’re downloading it to so we can go back and click through all the links, or if it will print out the links so we can type them in?

    Thank you for putting this together!

  25. Summer says

    A friend shared this with me I sent her a photo of the THM book…I thought maybe I picked up the wrong book I am so confused :) Day 2


    • says

      Is this helping at all? I remember my first couple of weeks was very confusing. I hope the QSG helps walk you through it, and that you can get to that “Aha!” moment where it all clicks. :)

  26. Melissa says

    Hi Gwen! I am so thankful you did this for all the THM followers. I got the book from the library and just feel so overwhelmed. I have every diet book known to man and this one is just HUGE! SO I am starting with your quick start hoping that will give me the courage to move forward. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this for free with us. I so appreciate all the time and work you’ve poured in to it!

  27. Tamara says

    Gwen, thank you so much for the helpful document!!!
    On page 10 when I go to the link on the FB page of your Most Favorite and Helpful Docs ~ I’m not getting anything! :( It says the link has been removed or cannot be loaded!? Thanks for your help!

    • says

      I’m sorry, Tamara. The Facebook docs are curated by the admins, and they sometimes remove documents. Sometimes Facebook can be glitchy, so you may consider asking on the group and see if anyone can give you information?

  28. Natasha Duncan says

    I just stumbled across your website and so glad I did. I am starting my THM journey in the morning. I have considered weight loss surgery as I have 70 lbs to lose. I found out, I don’t qualify. Then 4 people on four different occasions told me about Trim Healthy Mama.
    When I read your introduction, I noticed we have some passions in common. I will enjoy reading your blog as I too am an artsy, homeschooling, holistic health nut. I believe that God put things here for us to care for ourselves.
    Thank you for the quick start guide. My book is in the mail and couldn’t wait to get started.

  29. Carolyn says

    I just have to say thanks for making the Quick Start Guide free! I can’t afford the books right now and was worried this would cost money too, but it doesn’t. So, THANKS! :)

  30. Pat B says

    Hi Gwen, seems like we are best friends since I have been stalking you (in a good way) for more than a year. I have a quick question for you. Is there any plans to update your quick start guide for the NEW THM book ? I just bought it and would like to use your expertise to get going quickly.. Thanks for all you do!

  31. Rebecca says

    Thank you!!!! Your website, esp. this guide, is an answered prayer. Your guide EXPLAINS the plan BETTER than the actual THM book in my opinion. I can’t wait to print this guide, get organized, and get on plan.

  32. JillanaF says

    I am brand new to the THM lifestyle, just got done reading the book for the first time. I was looking at your guide book and one of the columns mentioned the Skinny Girl water enhancers, are those sweetened by something that is allowed on THM?
    Ty for the guide, Im def going to be using it on my weight loss journey!

    • says

      Yes! I do use the Skinny Girl flavor enhancers from time to time. The ingredients do list cane sugar, but it’s such a tiny amount that there is 0 carb impact from it. I like to use it to flavor yogurt or sparkling waters. :)

  33. Sandy says

    Please make this easier to download. At this point I wouldn’t wish going on this site on my worst enemy because it’s such a hassle. And I’m using Chrome on a perfectly fine computer. Looks like I’ll be dieting on my own. I can’t imagine what it would be like if there were a cloud in the sky, I’d have a birthday trying to download this file.

    • says

      Hi Sandy,
      Most people just send a note asking me to send them a copy if they have trouble downloading. I’m sorry you’re frustrated with technology…it’s so fickle and NOT my cup of tea either. Sometimes there are several people downloading it at once, and that slows it down. So it’s not really anything that I can control.

  34. Ricki says

    The blog Measuring Flower has some helpful printables for a binder and she also often posts on-plan recipes and menu plans. :-) I didn’t see her in your refences, so I thought I’d point you her direction.

  35. Kelli Rumburg says

    Hi Gwen,

    Thanks so much for this guide, I think it is really going to help me as I start my THM journey!! I just have some questions that seemed to get lost on the THM fb pages that I really hope you can answer or at least point me in the right direction.

    1. How much organic and non-gmo is necessary on this plan? and what areas is it not such a big deal and still be healthy and on plan. I can’t find where or if I read about that in the plan book.

    2. I am definitely going to try the THM stevia extract but in your opinion is the price reasonable for both the 1 and 4 oz sizes? or just the 1 oz. size?

    3. What products you have bought from the THM store along with the stevia extract and how many of each thing did you buy your first order when you were just starting? I want to try the stevia extract and the two sweet blends for sure but I don’t know what else to get that I can’t get elsewhere or from you, like the baking blend.

    And what do you know about the THM private membership site? I wanted to try it for the meal planning tool and 1 to 1 coaching that I heard is offered there but I’m not sure it will be worth the money

    Thanks for your help,

    • says

      Hi Kelly!
      I’m happy to answer your questions:
      1. They make recommendations and suggestions, but there are no requirements to use GMO free or organic products. If I remember correctly, they suggest getting organic lettuce, but I can’t remember any other of the suggestions from the book off the top of my head. :) Organic is not a required focus, although Serene and other Mamas have personal convictions about this that they bring to the plan.

      2. Yes. Stevia is used in *miniscule* amounts, so the 4 ounce bag has over 500 servings. Prior to their product line coming out, I was used to paying $10-15 an ounce. So their prices are very fair, IMO. I’ve had the 4 oz. bag for over a year and still have lots left in it. It’s what I’ll buy next time as well because I really like making my own Super Sweet Blend. (1 cup erythritol + 1 tsp. stevia mixed together= Sweet Blend)

      3. When I was starting out, there *was* no Trim Healthy Mama store or products. :) If I were starting out now, I would get the stevia, erythritol (to make my own Sweet Blend!), several bags of baking blend, glucomannan (a thickener), and I’d try a bag of the Gentle Sweet. Really, the stevia and glucomannan are essentials, but the baking blend is great for making quick breads, muffins, crusts, etc. And it graduates you over the learning hump of trying to learn how to use the low carb flours. OR you can get the oat fiber and some of the low carb flours and make your own mix from one of the online recipes out there.

      4. The Membership Site: I don’t know about the coaching, but I don’t think that’s included with the membership site…I’m not sure on that one. The site is really cool! It’s full of printable recipes, and it just pulls all of these great resources into one place. For just getting started, it is probably well worth the cost to have it all in one place. However, if your budget is low, you can DIY it with Pinterest and the Facebook group. It’s just more time consuming to go that route. :)

      Hope that helps!

  36. Beth Anne says

    THANK YOU!!! I just bought the paperback and have been taking notes. I’m so excited to start this journey with my family and really appreciate the work you went through to put this together. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  37. Kelli Rumburg says

    Hi Gwen,

    Thanks so much for those great responses to my questions. Big help!! I’ve read through the QSG and it’s really great!! but this one section really threw me:

    A quick note about the recipes in the book. Many of them are labeled “S, E, or FP”. Recipes with this label are Fuel Pull when prepared as written, but you’ll usually find recipe notes showing you how it can be paired with fats to create an S meal, or healthy carbs to go with an E meal or snack.

    Are you referring to the new or old cookbook there?


    • says

      The Quick Start Guide is written for the original book…but the information applies to all of the FP recipes. You can add fats to create an S meal, or add healthy carbs to go for an E. :) I think they label things and explain it really well in the new cookbook.

      • Kelli Rumburg says

        Oh ok!! This is going to sound really dumb, but I thought you were saying that recipes in the THM cookbook with ANY of those labels was actually a fuel pull when made as written but all had notes to make it an S or E meal. Since I haven’t seen that book, I had trouble wrapping my head around what was written and what you actually meant. My apologies!! and thank you so much for this guide!!

  38. Kristina says

    There’s already many comments here, so forgive me if this has been asked before. You mention in this guide that you had “health limitations” that made you quit THM. I need to know before I start, is the problem adrenal fatigue? I have adrenal fatigue, and don’t want to start something that will make it worse. If you don’t want to answer publicly, could you please just email me? Thank you so much.

    • says

      The Quick Start Guide was written for the original book BUT it’s just really helping you to cover the basics of the plan, so everything (except for the page numbers and what’s in the book sections) is still relevant with the new book. :)

  39. Kelly Wolfe says

    Thank you for this amazing gift! I am wading into my THM plan book, just wishing for a concise mini guide and yours was the first site I saw when I searched Pinterest. I appreciate your generosity. ~ Kelly

  40. Hadassah says

    THANK YOU!! Feel like I’ve been trying so hard to get my head around THM! This guide is a great help. Thank you for making it available!!

    • says

      Hi Pam!
      Try joining the Trim Healthy Mama Beginner Facebook group for tips on switching things up. Some people gain a little at the beginning while they’re getting the hang of it, especially if their bodies are adjusting to eating more balanced nutrition. But you really don’t want to be eating high fat all the time either. :) You can post questions and get meal suggestions and tweak things to work for you!

  41. Anita says

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing this with us! I’m glad I found this before I began making my own notes – I think this will save me a bunch of work – just what I need!!

  42. Debra McLemore says

    Thank you! I heard about this from a friend who has been on this “diet” for a while and she has lost lots of weight. She looks fantastic. She tried to explain to me how it works, but this guide is exactly what I need to help me get started.
    God Bless you!

  43. Kayla says

    IT says week one to print the meal builder where do I find this at? Is it in the book I haven’t recieved mine yet so I’m not sure or is it in your guide somewhere.

  44. Deanna Kriesman says

    This is awesome, what a kind person you are to have compiled this and share for free for peoples health!! Love it!!

  45. Laine says

    I loved your ingredients for carb-free syrup. Have you tried using psyllium husk for thickening? Or arrowroot?

    • says

      Psyllium husk is not going to give you a clear end product. It’s pretty fiber-y. :) Arrowroot is not carb free…it’s a refined starch. You could try using xanthan gum?

  46. Maggie Garst says

    Gwen. I would like to get a copy of your book. I read the “Trim Healthy Mama” book and using some of the recipes from the recipe book. But I am one of those people that it is hard for me to figure out the S plan and E plan in simple terms.
    The two sisters do a great job but it just doesn’t work. I did pretty good for a little while. I lost about 20 lbs. but I am noticing I am putting it back on. I know I should eat every 3 to 4 hrs. and keep the carbs and fats separate but I am not one to buy and cook routinely and that I need to have protein consistently.
    I need simplicity.
    I make those chocolate cookies with the okra and I want to eat them all the time.
    Can you help my in sanity?
    Thank you and God Bless, Maggie

    • says

      Hi Maggie, I’d look for a smaller group of ladies that you can share the day to day challenges of staying on track with. I found a great group on Facebook years ago, and that’s why I started the HUGE THM group that’s there now. :) That’s really the greatest way to get some accountability and get questions answered.

    • says

      The Trim Healthy Mama book is the original text that combines the plan and recipes all into one book. They’ve since republished, and split out the Plan (to understand how to do Trim Healthy Mama) and the recipe book. I really like the new versions, because there are lovely photos with the recipes, and the recipes are now in standard formatting. :) Plus, the info in the Plan book is updated and more useable. I did a review of the new Plan book & New Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook here.

  47. says

    Hi! Thanks so much for making this quick start guide available!!! It’s been SUCH a help as I got started on this journey.

    Question: How would you feel about the guide being translated to Spanish? I know that neither the plan book nor the recipe book has been translated, and I don’t believe that there are plans to translate them any time soon, but I really want to share this with the ladies I serve with in Mexico — and they can’t read English. Several of the ladies at church have asked how I’m losing weight and I’ve been telling them, but I’d rather be able to hand them something that they can read and understand for themselves. At this point in my life, I don’t have the time to translate either the plan book or the recipe book, but I think I could pull this quick start guide off in a few days.

    Are you willing??? Let me know, please!

    • says

      I’m game, Rebecca. :) It’s not intended to replace the book, but you’re right in saying that it would be a much smaller project. And I’m not sure if or when the books will go international or get translated. You can send me an email at (at) gmail dot com. I’d love to have a copy en Espanol, and possibly make it an option on my site!

  48. Sarah Ford says

    Thank you so much for this. I am just starting my THM journey and I found the book kind of overwhelming and confusing. I am so excited to start now. THANK YOU!!

  49. Heike House says

    This is a great guide Thank you! And f course, I want to make the yummy easy bread right NOW! I want to stay plan but all I have is bread flour and a bit of unprocessed wheat bran. Will that work???

  50. Jennifer Sisk says

    Thank you so VERY much for this quick guide! It has helped me understand the basics so that I can get started while I’m waiting to receive my plan book and recipe book.

  51. Christy says

    Gwen – thank you for all the wonderful resources you provide! A great blessing for those of us who just aren’t sure where to start or what to do exactly.

  52. LinD says

    I appreciate your upfront comments about your preferences between the newer publication (THM Plan) and the original book as I was trying to decide between the two..

  53. says

    It makes me weep with joy to see you put so much effort into helping the rest of us perhaps have some hope to change what has seemed impossible! The book is wonderful but struggling to sort out notes to make it doable is hard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will let you know my progress. May the Lord bless you abundantly for your generosity.

  54. Sherry Gayheart says

    Thank you for the guide. I just ordered the cookbook and plan yesterday. I am anxious and thrilled that I can get started reading/learning the plan now!

  55. Chandra says

    Just noticed the ‘All New’ version and was thrilled to see something from you; miss ‘seeing’ you Gwen! Going to check out new guide & thanks so much for that❣️


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