Weight Loss Before and After Photos III


April b&e front copySorry my weight loss before and after photos are so late going up this month…March was pretty crazy around here, and that spilled over into April as well.  It was one of those, “Was I life swapped???  And can I PLEASE have my old life back?” months.


So, I can either risk sounding like a whiney hiney or be one of those cryptic ‘vague-bloggers’…I’ll just put it out there.  I was rear-ended in an auto accident on a Thursday morning, and on Saturday, I had a kidney stone attack that landed me in the ER.  The kidney stone lasted until the following Friday night…and then the insurance company informed us that we had to replace our vehicle and return the rental by Monday.  Oh yeah, and I’d already pre-scheduled two separate conferences for that weekend and the one following.  Good times.

A HUGE shout out to my Mama and some of the sweet ladies at our church who brought food and kept my kids while I/we recovered, vehicle shopped, and retreated.

If you’ve ever contemplated getting a kidney stone, I don’t recommend it.  Let’s just leave it at that.  And if you don’t want to SEE a real kidney stone, then stop scrolling right after my glorious gut photo below.  You’re welcome.

before after THM weight loss

Thankfully, I’ve been able to continue to enjoy eating Trim Healthy Mama style, even with all of the mayhem.  And right up until April 1st, the scale held at pretty much the same weight.  Not to say that the scale registers the exact same weight every morning when I weight…not at all.  It bounces around anywhere between 2 and 4 pounds of my ‘official’ weight…which of course, is the lowest weight.

So there I am, bouncing around in the same few pounds for FOUR weeks.  I was almost too busy to care.  My biggest issue was the stress and just not eating regularly enough, especially during the week I was in labor with a kidney stone.  As soon as the worst of the stress was over, I woke up and weighed, and I’d lost 2# pretty much overnight…a new low that I’d never seen before!  Then the next night, I lost 2 MORE pounds!

So the moral of this story is, that I’m a weird loser, and yet somehow, I still managed to lose 4 pounds in one month, which is a nice safe average. :)


Please note that I do NOT hold my gut in for the before and after weight loss photos, although I normally do in real life.  According to my CT scan for this little jewel…

kidney stone photo

I have a ‘small fatty filled hernia’…thanks for that ER doc.  So that’s part of the pooch issue I have going on in my before and after weight loss photos.

It’s actually called a ‘diastasis recti’ or separation of the abdominal muscles, and is common after pregnancy.  Of which I’ve had 4.  So I am going to start working on that at some point soon, and will report back with more tantilizingly realistic photos of my mommy gut.  Possibly I should pose on the hood of my new mini-van.  Or not.  And speaking of working out, I’ve done a total of like, four fifteen minute workouts since starting this in January.  A workout fiend I am not.

In much happier news, I was DELIGHTED to discover that I can now wear my collection of vintage dresses, and granny swimsuits.  I may have to show those off to you in another post! (See link above for a vintage dress shot!)



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  1. Beth Morris says

    Ive had many kidney stones, I feel your pain! Hope you never have another! Wow your pictures are SO inspiring! I am just beginning this journey (week 2) and this makes me smile!

    • Its_Gwen says

      I’ve exercised probably a total of 4 times over the past 3+ months…for 15 minute intervals. So I think I can say that it’s pretty much all diet related losses. :)

      I’m hoping to show some toning photos in the future, once I get my act together. :)

    • Its_Gwen says

      It was slightly crazy, Kendra! But it makes me grateful for the ‘normal’ amount of crazy in my life for the other 11 months. :)

  2. Susy says

    Gwen what an encouragement this is! You are doing so well! Thank you for all your extra help with this for us newbies!

  3. Neisha says

    Thank you for your openness about your weight loss and health issues. I am trying to get a handle on my health with thyroid issues and diastasis. I look forward to starting the Trim Healthy Mama program soon. If you want to work on the diastasis, I highly recommend looking into MuTu System from the UK. I’ve started it and it really gets to the root of the problem – weak internal core muscles. I’m praying that combining MuTu with THM will get me to a healthy point of enjoying the body God gave me instead of enduring it! Blessings!

  4. JJ Young says

    Considering all of the healthy issues you went through to get to any weight loss is fantastic – awesome!
    I was reading about diastasis recti in my midwifery research about a year ago. There are some really fantastic resources out there to help you heal it safely!
    Katy Bowman of Aligned and Well is probably my favorite resource for all things body alignment/mechanics. She has some great information about diastasis recti and how to work on it. :)

    I am really liking the vibe here, glad a friend linked to you!

  5. Kelly Charbula says

    Hi Gwen. I have done THM faithfully since January and lost my extra weight and have maintaining ok. I have been having a chronic UTI when they have discovered a kidney stone. I was searching and saw this post about your kidney stone. I am in the process of trying to pass a kidney stone. I am wondering have you discovered anything in THM that might cause the kidney stone? Also have you made diet changes to prevent another one?

    • says

      I had a health condition prior to THM that caused high blood calcium, so that’s what mine is attributed to. I think they are a fairly common problem, and I’m not sure that the THM lifestyle contributes, or if this is just a body chemistry thing for some people like it was for me. :) I’ve not changed my way of eating, and have not had another one.