Banana Cream Cake Recipe

thm-banana-cream-cake-recipBanana Cream Cake recipe today.  Y’all.  This is SO fantastic.  Now, you KNOW that I’m a Trim Healthy Mama at heart, but I promise you that this morsel from heaven is on plan, and approved by Pearl.  If you’ve missed nanners on THM, then you’re gonna LOVE this!

This recipe gave me fits at first.  I tweaked and tweaked to try to make this more like banana bread, but it was just so light and fluffy…it was not cooperating.  Then my family informed me that they liked it MORE than banana bread.  It’s more like a cupcake or delicate cake consistency: so banana cream cake it is.  This is a single serving E recipe…perfect for a dessert or even as part of an E breakfast.

P1130031The whole serving contains only 11 net carbs, and uses just 2 T (plus a few garnish slices) of banana.  A VERY responsible way to enjoy a baked banana goodie on THM.  Plus, it’s gluten free (if  you use GF oats) and sugar free.  But your taste buds will never know.

Still nervous about enjoying bananas?  Check out this great post about bananas and THM and a yummy Going Bananas Shake Recipe by Jennifer over at Home With a Purpose.

Click here for the printable banana cream cake recipe; it is posted over on the Grain Mill Wagon this week.

banana-cream-cake-click-herYou should really try this right now.  It’s that good!

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  1. Sarah says

    For some reason, I can’t seem to find the recipe for the banana cream cake. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks

    • Nanci Smith says

      Oh my goodness, was this amazing. I was already planning on a E day, and this was perfect. So yummy.
      And I made your famous E bread today…you are quite a talented cook to come up with these recipes

  2. ClubTwenty says

    Bought reduced-price overripe bananas today just to make this (which felt odd b/c I haven’t bought bananas in well over 3 months) and it was so worth it! Love the texture of these. Delicious! Thank you. (BTW, gave the rest of the banana to one of my kids : ) )

  3. Dianne Barlowe says

    I can’t seem to find the Banana Cream Cake Recipe. It looks so good in the picture! I’d like to make it for breakfast tomorrow! Can someone help?

  4. Linda 'Sweetoholic' Rintisch says

    Gwen you have such yummy recipes. This one is so delicious. This is my new favorite. Made it 2 days in a row now. My hubby is not on THM but I always double my single muffins for him to try one. Some he likes and some not. He said he LOVES this one and I can make this one often for him. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe.


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