Eating Raw Garlic: You’re Doing It Wrong

eating raw garlic- why you should and the best ways to eat it. Eating raw garlic may not sound too appealing, but MAN is it effective in kicking germs to the curb. And that’s why so many of us have at least attempted to suffer through eating raw garlic in times of dire discomfort or pain. Maybe you’re wondering:

Why Would You Eat Raw Garlic?

Well, the quick answer is that it’s a potent anti-infection remedy. I share my experience with using garlic for what was more than likely whooping cough here. And M is for Mama wrote an excellent post on using raw garlic successfully for mastitis.

Garlic is also often recommended for:

  • colds & flu
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • mastitis
  • high blood pressure
  • lowers bad cholesterol levels
  • killing pinworms/parasites
  • regulating blood sugar
  • ear infection
  • increasing bile flow
  • immune stimulation
  • anti-microbial (allicin content)

It has been an impressive and loyal little herbal healing companion that’s easy to get my hands on anytime and anywhere. Even on vacation! But what’s the best way to eat it? The interwebs are rife with what I consider bad advice. At worst, it can be dangerous and at best it’s just downright nasty. Let’s look at the wrong ways to eat garlic:

eating raw garlic- why you should and the best ways to eat it.

Eating Raw Garlic: The Wrong Way

Chew it up and swallow it: I’ve seen this recommended SO many times, and I can only assume that there are people who really have stainless steel mouths. <flashback to the 007 villian!>Garlic is a HOT little number, and chewing it will coat your mouth in the sulfuric flames from you know where. If you are of the teflon coated variety, then more power to you. But this does *not* work for me. <P-tooey!>

Swallowing a whole clove: This is not so uncommon…it sounds like a more pleasant way of getting all of the good potency of raw garlic without the unpleasant side effects of chewing it. But don’t do it! Last year, at least 2 people that I know personally tried this and one ended in the heimlich maneuver and the other with an ER trip. Why? Because a clove of garlic is roughly the exact circumference of your esophagus.

The BEST Ways to Eat Raw Garlic

eating raw garlic- why you should and the best ways to eat it.

Garlic Pills: Simply chop a clove up into small pill sized shapes, and swallow with a drink of your choice. I usually only do half a clove at a time. Since raw garlic can be a little tough on the stomach, I use a smaller amount and work up if needed.

Tip: Choosing a drink with fat in it will help blunt the flavor. A thick smoothie, milkshake, or kefir consistency makes it a lot easier to get pills down. eating raw garlic- why you should and the best ways to eat it.

Garlic Crush: So, technically, this isn’t eating garlic, but it’s been very, very effective for throat/ear/mouth type infections here. Basically, you place a whole uncut clove between your back molars (it can even be a small clove) and gently press down *just* enough to bruise or crack it a bit. You *don’t* have to chew it at all. The crushing action begins the production of allicin, the potent anti-microbial component of garlic. You do get a slight flavor, but it’s not nearly as bad as chewing a clove, since the juices are basically going down the side of the throat as you swallow, and not coating your tongue. I hold it there for about a minute, and then spit it out. It’s toast. And speaking of toast…this is our favorite way:

Fresh Garlic Toast: Dice your garlic up finely, and add to 2 teaspoons of melted butter or softened butter. Pour over  or spread on toast. This idea came directly from my favorite Italian restaurant, who serves their super soft rolls drenched in melted butter with raw garlic. You may be very surprised at how the butter mellows out the flavors of garlic, and it’s SUPER yummy! Even my tender tongued kids love this garlic remedy.


I’d love to hear your raw garlic success story in the comments. What’s YOUR favorite way to use raw garlic?

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eating raw garlic- why you should and the best ways to eat it.

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  1. Alaina says

    I rough chop mine, then just swallow the chunks. You can taste it a bit, but the water washes it away. Even my husband doesn’t mind this method.

  2. bobbi dougherty says

    I am not sure if the garlic is raw or not, but it sure tastes like it. I eat 2 garlic stuffed olives a day, lol. I love them and they make me feel like I am getting the benefits. Hopefully, I am. I guess, technically, they would be pickled, but the crunch like raw. :) Yummmm-nmeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Rachel says

    My sister (who got the trick from her mother-in-law) boils garlic in water for just 1 minute and then cools and eats. It takes the bite out of it but keeps all the active ingredients intact. Also, my husband used to work with many Hispanic women who would swallow the clove whole, but their rule was to only use those tiny skinny cloves. Or slice a large one into 2-3 skinny smaller ones. We’ve had good results with both these methods. Usually I just make chicken soup and toss crushed garlic in right before serving.

  4. Jennifer says

    I had success last winter with drinking what I called “garlic tea”. I was fighting the beginings of a sinus infection and really didn’t want to go through the hassel of having an antibiotic. Sooooo I knew garlic had a lot of good properties and decided to give it a try first. I placed one beef boulion cube in a coffee cup of hot water and added one clove of crushed garlic. While it was too hot to drink at first I just breathed in the steam. As it cooled I sipped the tea and ate the garlic (which was cooked by this time and not too strong) With in an hour or two the pain in my face left. I continued drinking this about every four hours during the day for three days. The “sinus infection” cleared up and I wasn’t even sick the rest of the winter…anytime something threatened I drank the “garlic tea”.

  5. says

    My husband does what you do – cut it up into chunks and swallow. for the kids and I – I crush a clove, put it on a spoon,(for the kids, drizzle a bit of raw honey on it) and then generously sprinkle cinnamon on top, grab a glass of water and guzzle it all down.

  6. says

    We mince up several cloves and stir into a small jar of raw honey.
    The kids will swallow a tiny spoonful of this for me, and some even ASK for it!
    Love this for immune boosting when its the season for sicknesses going around.

    Thanks Gwen!

        • Kathy says

          NEVER use raw honey for babies! i know somebody whose child contracted botulism and it attacks the central nervous system. the first symptom was that he was crawling weakly and then collapsed. Infants cannot deal with botulism spores. he was lucky – after a LOT of physical therapy and antiobiotic therapy he can crawl again but it could have resulted in lasting paralysis.

  7. says

    This is a great idea! I’m going to try it soon! I follow all of your THM posts and this looks like another great health regimen to add to the mix!


  8. Donaca says

    What I’ve recently learned is that the Allicin is fully released after crushing or chopping, waiting 15min up to one hour.

  9. Valerie says

    Empty capsules, people! Smash up a clove in a ziploc bag, then quickly use a toothpick to fill and close an empty capsule. Chase quickly with milk or smoothie before the garlic eats the capsule. This is the only way I’ll ever mess with it again!

  10. Stephanie says

    Garlic bread of course! The littles will eat that before they even start the rest of their dinner.

    I like to ferment it too. It mellows the bite a bit. Easier to eat straight up.

  11. Nan says

    Love this post! i recently discovered the “chop garlic cloves into pill-sized pieces” method, and it is EVER so much better than chewing those mind-blindingly HOT garlic cloves. I also chase the garlic “pills” down with a spoonful of local raw honey. Perfection! I usually take 3 cloves (pill-sized pieces) three times a day when starting to feel under the weather. Doing this for only 24 hours cured one very pregnant lady’s UTI! I’m definitely a believer! Oh and make sure to let the garlic “pills” set for 15 minutes for maximum health benefits before swallowing with your liquid of choice.

  12. Aly says

    I’m the chew on a clove type of gal. I seriously love the taste of garlic (I even put it in my mac n cheese and just about everything else, yes really) if I feel something coming on I grab a clove and chew it up, and pray I don’t need to run errands and be out in public, lol. Since I was a kid I have loved garlic, which is rather amusing since I am deathly allergic to all onions and I believe garlic and onions are related right?

  13. Jenn says

    I usually use a garlic press to crush 2 cloves of garlic in guacamole with 2 avocados, lime juice and salt to taste. It’s my favorite snack and way to eat a lot of garlic when I feel something coming on.

  14. Vee says

    Garlic grilled cheese, hands down every time, the cheese allows you to eat a whole bunch without burning your mouth. Thickly slice the cloves, layer thickly over bread (and i mean at least five cloves) top with cheese, grill and eat. Delicious and SO good for you, i sweat i can feel my immune system ramp up immediately.

  15. says

    I finely mince raw garlic and mix with a bit of raw honey and maybe some cinnamon. My kids love it that way, and then it is easier to take multiple doses throughout the day and not hurt the stomach.

  16. Leah says

    I smash a clove and leave it for a few minutes (I read that this releases more allicin or something), then chop it as finely as I can and scoop the tiny pieces up, swallowing them with a big glass of warm water. I do this in the morning to get the benefits of warm water and the garlic on an empty stomach. I do it before breakfast, usually 10-20 minutes prior. I figure the smaller the pieces the more benefit, kind of like chewing but without chewing?

    • says

      Allicin is created by enzyme reaction, but it’s the sulfury smell- so you’re getting a good dose either way. :)
      This is something that I only do when getting sick. I love garlic, but I like tea in the morning. :)

  17. deltadawn says

    I tried swallowing the whole clove before, unfortunately it came out looking look it did when i swallowed it….ewwwwww lol, I know, TMI but lesson learned!!

  18. Janet McD says

    I heard it is very important to crush the garlic, then wait at least 15 minutes for the allicin to activate before consuming. I then down it on a spoon and follow with lemon water or some other flavored beverage to drown out the taste. If done right, there is very little garlic taste. Quick and easy except for the 15 minute wait time.

    • says

      Thanks for your input, Janet. :) I’ve never waited that long, and have had great results. I think because it’s being swallowed, you don’t have as much of a taste factor.

      • Kitty says

        This is an older post so I’m not sure anyone will care but it’s not just suggestion to chop and wait. It’s proven in studies the more you chop the garlic the more of the allicin is released and waiting a minimum of 15 minutes to get the maximum effects before it hits the acidity of your stomach. Swallowing it whole leaves all the good stuff inside the garlic which will usually just pass through you whole. It’s the release of allicin that begins a rapid fermentation process that gives guy the most health benefits. Heating it takes it away which is why it’s suggested to add it at the end of cooking before serving.

        I drink a morning concoction of
        Ginger tea (boiled ginger simmered in water for 20 or so minutes strained)
        Black pepper
        Coconut oil
        Dash of roasted ginger powder
        I like it in my 16 oz travel mug because it keeps it warmer longer… it’s given me energy. I was getting 2-4 migraines a month living on prescription and otc meds and getting sick almost every other month. Now it’s been 5 months without a single kind of medication. Well, one allergy pill from being around dogs… cats at rage groomers that I had a reaction too.

        Great post glad I stumbled accrossed it. Love the idea for the kids. Mine a cry baby teens that will eat any manor if weird chip but freak out at my concoctions. Except the night one.

        • Marlene says

          Hello Kitty,

          For sure your comment does matter! My morning routine is very similar to yours. After cutting garlic and waiting 15 minutes, I swallow it in small amounts with warm water, which I drink daily.Garlic’s REAL benefit emerges when chopped, cut or smashed in order to release the allicin. I cook with garlic the same way, adding it at the end. I love your tea mixture, soooo many great anti-inflammatories in your cup! Turmeric and black pepper are wonderful healers. It was great hearing about the way you use garlic. It has given me enormous health benefits. Thanks Kitty!

        • says

          Hi Kitty,
          I’d love to see a link to the study. I’ve heard this, but have never seen a study. I also don’t believe that whole garlic passes through undigested.

  19. Meredith says

    I chop it really finely, then throw it on my scrambled eggs. Add a little mozzarella, some basil, and a chopped cherry tomato or two, and you have a delicious breakfast! If you’re really sensitive, you could pile it all on a piece of toast.

  20. Dori Davis says

    I am DELIGHTED to hear about raw garlic’s benefits!! I LOVE garlic! Actually for lunch earlier I pressed a clove on my sandwich. I LOVE pressed garlic on little pizzas I make with whole wheat pita, sauce, thawed and drained chopped spinach or fresh, and cheese (you see I have no allergies or sensitivities, but alter for your needs). It’s quick to make and I get to enjoy the garlic taste for a while! Thank you for your article!!

  21. Joanna says

    I LOVE to toast rye bread on high and I take the clove and rub it all over the toast on both sides getting as much of the garlic on the toast as possible. I then out butter and salt just on one side on the toast. It’s deeeelish!!!

  22. angie says

    I chop the garlic, put it on a piece of bread, drizzle some olive oil on top to stop the harsh flavour. Works a treat. Have stopped colds in their tracks with this method.

  23. John says

    Interesting but luckily i am one with a tough mouth so i chew mine up as after living in Vietnam for 15 months and eating hot chilli with nearly everything my mouth is used to heat.
    I am curious about your advice to take with a fluid as i have been advised that garlic should be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach without any food or drink to be the most effective ?

    • says

      I take with fluid for two reasons, one being that the garlic is super potent and can cause stomach upset. And the other is that the acid of the stomach can interrupt the enzyme process that makes the potent allicin compound. :)

  24. amy martin says

    Raw Garlic I add to everything: using a microplane grater, i grate it on top of salads, grate over toasted & buttered bread, grate over soup, grate over pasta and my favorite is to grate it with some italian herbs into olive oil to dip veggies and crusty breads into !

  25. Stephanie Skelly says

    We have blended in up in V8 to drink.. as well as doing the biting on it and letting the juice drain down the throat. Since I usually don’t stock V8, we only really do it those times things are dragging out and we get to the store.. or when we have to pick up garlic because we are low anyway. Another favorite is garlic soup.. not raw.. but only lightly cooked, and it seems to work!

  26. Syafiq says

    Hi Gwen. According to this research “”, in 2005, chewing raw garlic is the right thing to do., instead of swallowing it.

    I’ve been doing this for a few months now (eating with food like rice and bread), and it really helps my blood pressure.


    • Mo says

      Exactly. Ive been chewing it with my meals at dinner for a year or so now…nothing like an alfredo or piece of meat chewed with fresh garlic. I eat one clove and bite and chew small pieces as I eat. Eat it in its rawest form.

    • jaime says

      The article does state: Ingestion of garlic by chewing (or crushed garlic)

      The point is that the garlic clove needs to be crushed to release the allicin ( allowing 15 minutes before swallowing to release all of the allicin. That can be achieved by chewing or crushing before swallowing. But swallowing whole with out crushing has little benefit. Of course chewing is crushing but it also can literally burn the gums and mouth for sensitive people like myself who loves garlic but can’t eat it raw.

      I had an tooth ache that was brought on by a sinus infection, I read that one should place a crushed garlic clove on the tooth and and leave it for twenty minutes, I couldn’t leave it for more than a minute with out burning my gums but like an idiot I left it for 20 minutes as it burned it’s way into my mouth. The tooth ache diminished but the intense burning sensation did not for two to three days. I then had to deal with the burn.

      I should have trusted my past experience and just swallowed the crushed clove with a full glass or water.

      • Marlene says

        Hello Jamie,

        A toothache is indescribable! Totally understand what you experienced. I used garlic on my tooth and it worked, BUT when the burning started, I didn’t know which was worst – the toothache or garlic inferno! Believe it or not, I had already crush a garlic clove that that morning and taken it with warm water. My suffering was in vain!

  27. Michelle says

    We use a garlic press to mince it onto a cracker. Let it sit about 5-10 minutes to get the potency from it…then we eat it up. Yummy

  28. says

    I chop up 3 gloves of Garlic on a plate with a steak knife as small as i can get it mixed with 2 table spoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil.With a table spoon i swallow it down with small sips of orange juice. Started this 18 months ago every day. orange juice i found takes the stench from the garlic .you just taste the orange juice.Before this i,ve taken Garlic vitims for 17 yrs. Feeling great al the time .I,m not a lover of either one of it.Mentioned it to my Family doc. he said both of it his very good ,i don,t have any side effects and i will continue because i feel great. don

  29. says

    Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love garlic but have low blood pressure. Every time I eat garlic I immediately feel stuffed and tired. Any ideas as to why? I won’t stop eating it, just curious if this means I have an intolerance to it, or it’s just extra strong on my digestive track.

    • says

      Hmmm…my guess would be that it’s triggering an immune reaction if you’re feeling full and tired. Maybe inflammation? I’d seek out a holistic practitioner to see if you can find the root of the low blood pressure. I’ve always had that too, and have found by working with a functional medicine doctor that I had a latent, chronic infection that was taxing my adrenals, and was possibly the cause of my low blood pressure and other health issues for all these years.

  30. ampa says

    I toast the bread and then inmediatedly RUB the clove of garlic on the bread until it is absorbeb. then I pour some olive virgin oil on it while it is still hot. The oil mixes with the garlic flavour and it is beautiful.

  31. says

    I have my raw garlic first thing in the morning…a cocktail of sorts. First crush three cloves in a cup, add 8 oz. V8 of choice, I use Spicy Hot. Next add 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder 1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper, 1/4 tsp coriander seed powder and sometimes a good dash of cayenne. Top it all off with 2 Tbs evoo, stir and enjoy! Have been using daily for about five years, and I am never sick!!!

  32. enrico says

    Hi: I’ am Enrico I have been swallowing row garlic in the morning before breakfast, but I have been told that I still have bad breath, question: how to get rid of bad breath? thank you.

  33. Chris says

    Thanks for your post! I use a garlic press (with skin still on!) and press it into my green (or black) tea w/ turmeric, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and lemon! Keeps me healthy and gives me a boost of energy!

  34. Justine says

    I’m new to your site, which, btw I’m enjoying… I’m not new to “taking” raw garlic. My husband and I have been taking it for approx 2 years now and we believe it’s the main factor in why I no longer have high blood pressure and my husband no longer has high cholesterol . The way we take it once a day… Chop 2 (1 for each of us) cloves of garlic into small pieces and let it oxidize (sit on the cutting board) for 6 to 10 minutes. This allows a good amount of time for the allicin to be released in the garlic (the allicin is where all the health benefits come from). We then put it on a spoon and swallow down with almond milk.

    Glad your letting folks know of the benefits of eating raw garlic. I’m also just starting THM and your site is helping me a lot….thanks

    • Chaz says

      Wow that is interesting. But question, do you all carry a garlic offensive smell? Just curious because I went to work the after taking the garlic and nearly ran everyone away.

  35. Yasemin says

    I find, for me, it works the BEST when I drizzle some olive oil on it. Whether I cut it into small pieces or grate it with a cheese grater, the olive oil works every time. Of course a drink is necessary always haha!

  36. says

    Hi Gwen. According to Dr. Michael Greger on his website,, garlic is the number cancer fighter among vegetables. It actually kills cancer cells without harming the good cells. But here’s the kicker – it has to be RAW. The more you cook it the less potency it has. So….yesterday I took a raw clove and chewed it up. It was like I had a fire in my mouth. So today I went on line to see what answers I could find. One website said to just “man up” and do it. Well that was yesterday. Not too good. But today I did just what you suggested. I checked one up and drank it down (with some apple cider) without chewing it. Wow! Pretty darn good. Like one of your subscribers suggested, I could even have drank it down with water. Another great suggestion. Either way, thank you for this chopping it into small pieces and drinking it down method. Problem solved.

  37. Amanda says

    After dinner I first crush a whole bulb of fresh (organic) garlic, separate the crushed garlic into 6 to 8 mountains and swallow mountain by mountain with water, I put the mountain at the back of my mouth then swallow it.

    I want your opinion about this. Am I doing it right? Has most of the allicin been destroyed by the time I swallow the crushed garlic? I take 10 minutes to half an hour to swallow the whole bulb of fresh garlic. I have been doing this everyday for the last 6 weeks.

    • says

      Garlic is not *only* useful for its allicin content. As long as you are enjoying the process and seeing benefits from it, then it works for you. :) I don’t take garlic daily, but use it if I feel myself feeling sick. I *do* cook with it almost daily, and I never worry about allicin content for that. It’s just a happy coincidence that food that I enjoy has beneficial properties. At least that’s my approach to natural health. To enjoy the process and to treat only what is presented itself as a problem.

  38. Bill says

    I blend 20 clotes of garlic with 2 pieces of egg, then drink it up. Now my stomach is hurt… am I doing it wrong?

  39. Mike says

    I guess I do have a stainless steel mouth because I tend to chew a whole clove just before I start eating 😀 it`s painful but it makes me believe it`s doing good for me!

  40. Elizabeth says

    Cut a clove and rubbed it on the bottom of your feet put on a pair of socks before you go to bed. You’ll still smell like garlic but it won’t upset your stomach. It works I’ve used it.

  41. Viri says

    Every morning for the last 6 years before breakfast I warm up a cup of water, add a pinch of cayenne pepper, one fresh lime squeezed, last night I just started adding 1/4 TSP Turmeric powder, two weeks ago I started adding one big clove of garlic chopped in tiny pieces, drink it up all at once. My daughter got the flu over a week ago, I didnt catch it. I used to have bronchitis, not anymore. My son pointed out last night that I have not got sick for the last few years…. he is right!

  42. Lizzy says

    Umm…I put it in my mouth, chew, then swallow. I didn’t know that anyone else had a problem doing so.

    • says

      You’re a tougher woman than I am! :) I don’t like things that hot. The problem with ingesting garlic cloves is when they are *not* chewed…the bullet shape can get lodged on the esophagus. It’s not as rare as you’d think for people to try swallowing them like pills. :)

  43. Mark says

    I crush two cloves, wait five minutes for the allicin to develop, then place in a blender along with a 1/2″ piece of fresh ginger, also crushed. Add 12 oz. of water and buzz for a minute or so. A tablespoon of olive oil added at the end helps the drink go down. I drink this twice per day. Of course, the toast method sounds more yummy!

  44. Wendy Shutler says

    Low temp roasting garlic 180 degrees for 4 hours keeps all the raw garlic goodness…plus it is easier to eat! Delicious!

    • says

      It sounds delightful! It probably preserves most of the nutrition of the garlic, but the allicin (antimicrobial property) would be lost in that length of time and temp.

  45. Chaz says

    I simply mince my garlic in tiny pieces and just swallow, chasing it with a drink of lemon & honey water. This has healed my strep throats and other issues. Is mincing wrong?

  46. Suzanne says

    Dear Gwen: I read about some studies that were being done with aged garlic a few years back. It was aged considerably, several years if I remember right and then given to the Japanese who had been caught in the atom bomb radiation and survived. It had incredible results in recuperation from the aftereffects of radiation poisoning.
    It is also noted that the longer the garlic sits after either being crushed or diced, the stronger the ‘good’ parts become. I think with the molar approach you mentioned, cracking the garlic with your teeth and then waiting up to 5 minutes might be better, because the nutrients intensify over a 20 to 30 minute period.
    And I also chop up my fresh garlic and try to let it set the designated 20 to 30 minutes before adding it to my sauces.
    Just a heads up.
    Please let me know if I’ve missed it somewhere.

    • says

      Hi Suzanne,
      Which substances? Garlic’s potent compound allicin that I use for infections is created by an enzymatic process as soon as a clove is crushed or cut. But garlic contains many other components, and even the allicin degrades into another sulfur based compound within a fairly short time span. So it depends on what you’re going for. :) Aged garlic is probably looking at a different compound than what I’m doing, and is probably healthful in a different way.

  47. Keith Reynolds says

    I separate the cloves, remove the skins, and sprout my garlic in water for about 5 days, changing the water regularly. Then I chew the whole sprout raw. As a sprout, garlic has even more antioxidants as well as available nutrients and vitamin, than when they have as dormant cloves.

  48. Brian says

    I cut up the raw garlic and then eat the pieces with something else – it provides great flavor this way, and is not overpowering.

    My favorite is with steak – I eat a slice of raw garlic with each piece of streak. I also use it with cooked vegetables, like asparagus – I eat a slice of raw garlic with a piece or 2 of asparagus.

  49. Cami says

    I’ve read that the garlic should be crushed or chopped in to small bits then let sit for 15 minutes to allow the garlic to oxidize which is supposed to make it more effective. I chop a clove up into little pieces and mix it into half an avocado with a little salt and pepper, then smear it on a piece of whole grain toast or a rice cake :) It’s actually one of my favorite snacks!

  50. William Comer, BSc,CCN says

    Do NOT swallow raw garlic. It is poisonous in the digestive tract. Chew only, and spit out. Be disciplined to minimize any being swallowed. This based on biochemical research done in Thailand, a major garlic farming country. If you want evidence I might still have the published research.

    • says

      I’d love to see your research…I’ve never heard that raw garlic is poisonous to the digestive tract. I’d be very surprised if that were true, and if the garlic is poisonous, wouldn’t the juice be as well? :)

      • says

        Don’t listen to that non-sense. It’s extremist views of garlic that do not even hold a drop of water in weight when it comes to scientific and anecdotal evidence. Example: Would we eat an entire ghost pepper or jalapeno at once? Of course not! It has to be used as a flavoring or spice to meals. It’s incorporated into meals. Same with garlic.

      • says

        Due to my reaches I’m also more interested in this lesson,HV started taking garlic&ginger last week at the same time early before eating anything but I HV a question does this work or I must take one at a time&I’m still struggling how the best way to take garlic bcz my way of grinding it in my mouth&swallow is leaving me for a quite number of minutes sore on my tongue help me please which way or shall I continue maybe as I get used the pain will evacuate

  51. Girayhan says

    Chop 3-4 cloves of garlic down, mix with Mediterranean plain yogurt. And just eat that before bed. ( I have no trouble with my tummy if I eat that way.)

  52. nada says

    Mix it with coconut oil and a mashed banana. I think its the oil that does it. Should work with any oil.

  53. Bree says

    Well, I take small bites of a clove of raw garlic, then chew it and swallow it, then quickly take a bite of some non-spicy food. As long as the clove doesn’t stay in your mouth and touch your tongue for too long, it shouldn’t be too spicy. Really, there is no right or wrong way to eat garlic.

  54. says

    This is wrong. To get Allicin you need to CRUSH the garlic then swallow it (chewed is ok)
    Cutting then swallowing wont work. The Allicin is not products in the stomach due to acid

    • says

      Hi John,
      Cutting, crushing, and chewing all start the enzymatic process that releases allicin. You can tell by the tell-tale sulfuric garlicky smell that heralds the start of the process. :)

    • Greg Tucker says

      You are only partially correct, insofar that cutting and slicing may not be as effective as crushing or pressing to start the enzymatic process, but it is still effective. Even just strongly squeezing a clove in your hand or between fingers will get the process started.

  55. Averil Cozier says

    I crush one clove of garlic and swallow it with two tsp of apple cider vinegar mix with a glass of water every morning.

  56. Jeff says

    Thanks so much. I wanted to find a thread like this and succeeded thanks to you Gwen. This is what I am going to do because I really need the full benefits of Allicin to fight my candida overgrowth. Every morning, I will chop one clove of raw garlic (like you said, this starts the process of creating Allicin), then swallow the chopped garlic, with a decent sized glass of water so as to prevent the stomach acids from affecting the Allicin process.

  57. Onyinyechi says

    I hate anything that has the smell of garlic in it, but somehow I found myself in a situation whereby I MUST take garlic for atleast 2weeks. Swallowing was too difficult cause nothing goes into my mouth without being properly masticated. Then I discovered grating the garlic and adding honey to it would be the best, so I did. Infact today is my 3rd day doing it. I think it’s working fine for me.

  58. Tony Adenuga says

    I grate a clove,leave for 12 min’s. Then use spoon to put in mouth then swallowed with water.

  59. Amy says

    My husband and I have been guilty of chewing up a whole clove and swallowing it! But our favorite ways are: roughly chop and place in the middle of an avocado half, sprinkle with olive oil, salt, pepper and yum! Or just chop and place on a slice of parm cheese with olive oil on top. We LOVE the taste of raw garlic!

  60. stanley says

    I wnt 2 say a big tanks 2 dis eye opener site dat has let us into d importance of garlic I never knew its use until I saw these write up about garlic…all tanks 2 God almighty 4 allowin garlic 2 stay av tried it nd is wrkin 4 me..

  61. Karen says

    My preferred method is to mince/crush garlic, pour some raw honey over it, stir to coat thoroughly, then just take by spoon and swallow. Barely any garlic taste (assuming you don’t chew, and just swallow like medicine.)

  62. Vaistrat says

    I don’t know if someome mentioned it already, but try gazpacho!, pretty common here in Spain. 6-8 pear tomatoes (better summer tomatoes, greenhouse/out of season ones lack flavor), half to 1 cucumber without skin, half to 1 green pepper, a big piece of bread of your choice, one glass of cool water, half glass of olive oil, half glass apple vinegar or lemon juice, 2 big garlic cloves or 3 small ones, a teaspoon of marine salt. Blend thoroughly and filter, drink and enjoy this old Spanish recipe! (you can use the resulting fiber to spread on bread later)

  63. Paul says

    just ate a clove of raw garlic and washed down with water. 45 minutes later. I have a mess to clean. should read this site prior to being stupid.

  64. Cecilia Keuffer says

    I actually take the garlic every morning with hall a glass of water. I choose the little ones or chop in half as you do. I can tell you I haven’t had a cold, flu, or anything actually since became my daily routine. I also drink eggplant, aubergine water with ginger everyday and I am out of diabete pills. Never felt better.

  65. Jolene says

    I came across this article because i have been obsessed with eating raw garlic lately!! Ive been putting it in everything and my current obsession is slicing it finely and putting it on pumpkin seed bread that has been toasted and a few drops of good olive oil then covering the bread in slices of garlic and then tomato slices salt and pepper… i cant get enough!! and i was just researching to see if there was something wrong with me… Lol… doesn’t look like it lol

  66. Farah Tweedie says

    Ok Gwen, you have made a great effort with this garlic thingy, the topic – how you are doing it wrong.
    You have given great advice.
    But let me tell you a teenie weenie secret. Raw garlic if swallowed as it is without chewing, comes out at it is.
    Whether anyone likes it or not, the deary little mouth with teeth inside need to do their job-chew!
    Yes, Gwen humans cannot digest raw garlic without it being chewed.

    Whole in, while out. Lol :)
    Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself :)

    • says

      :) I’ll pass on testing that out after knowing 2 people who swallowed whole cloves and ended up having to have Heimlich or hospital removal. I don’t recommend swallowing it whole (as you can read above in the post).

      My personal preference is not to chew it either. It burns my mouth. So I prefer the method I outline above. :) It’s just as effective as chewing IMO.

  67. Ulzmac says

    I just chewed (before swallowing) a whole clove. I even made sure that the garlic is properly chewed. Man, what a sensation. Thanks to this post, I now have a better idea on consuming raw garlic.

  68. LZ says

    I’ve found no problem chewing raw garlic. I chop clove into small pieces then throw them into mouth with pieces of sausage (like non-spicy salami or bockwurst).
    Bacon or parmesan works too.

  69. says

    I have had a sore throat and blocked sinuses for about a week now. I just made some lemon and honey tea, and some of your recommended garlic toast! It’s still got a bit of kick, but I can feel my face glowing and my head clearing. I’ll try not to breath on anyone for the rest of the day though ! haha

  70. Mandy says

    I watched some show about Korean food and saw that most places served sliced garlic cloves that had been marinating in kimchi base sauce. They would eat the marinated pieces along with bites of food. So I decided to try it and it was absolutely amazing!! It complimented food so well. I purchased a kimchi base in a bottle & it works beautifully. Just thought I’d pass the info along, just another way to enjoy some healthiness along with deliciousness :)

    • says

      Sounds amazing, Mandy!
      Thanks for the idea. :) I love international foods. My favorite middle eastern restaurant has all of these incredible marinated vegetable garnishes.

  71. Wen says

    I would kill to eat that garlic grilled cheese thing! Lol. I’m on a very low carb diet so I just mince up a couple cloves, put into a large spoon, and swallow with sugar free maple syrup. It really helps to have a “coating” over it. I used to use honey….

  72. ariean says

    Well i just ate raw garlic. I must say raw garlic is one of worse food ever enter into my mouth, the oil the taste made me wanted to (*sorry) throw up and i had to a big glass of water to washed it down. Makes no mistake i understood the benefits for your body, and i am so glad to see many tips on how to eat raw garlic in “correct” way :)

  73. jeff says

    These are all excellent ways to consume garlic fresh from the clove. That being said, if you’re in a pinch, and all you have is minced garlic in a jar, I’ve found a way to make it useable much like fresh garlic. Since the jarred stuff is so wet, you need to dry it out a bit. I’ve taken to putting a couple teaspoons into a bowl and put it on the stove when the oven is on. When you’ve got it dried out enough without making it too dry it’s a lot like fresh, chopped garlic is. You can sprinkle it on your homemade pizza as a topping, or put it on toast with gouts of butter. A swarthy cold has been knocking me around this week until I remembered how powerful garlic is. It’s been garlic toast, garlic pizza, garlic guacamole, and I’m feeling better and better.

    Thanks for the tip on cutting them into pill size. It’s not as delicious, but looks like a good way to get a lot of garlic in me quick. Thanks!

  74. HRH Jackson says

    I get two medium organic cloves and chew them at the same time, it feels very refreshing once you get used to it.

  75. Amanda says

    My husband loves hot food and made us try raw garlic at least once. So our whole family chews raw garlic when we are sick. It seriously works. My youngest and had an ear infection this summer and we got over it with raw garlic and an allergy pill for like 3 days… I swear by garlic. It’s amazing!

  76. says

    Sooo, I just came across your blog because I discovered how not to do it. After reading so many great articles on the benefits – I decided to check it out and popped a, what now I deem as a massive, clove into my mouth with a bit of a chew and swallow. Not great, but manageable. Within 30 seconds I got that old familiar feeling and my salavar glands were sweating like an aristocrat in the Texas summer. I dashed immediately to the loo and made it… just in the nick of time.

  77. Noel Hughes says

    With a mouthful of salad ingredients add a bite of a garlic clove and with careful tongue manipulation everything can be chewed thoroughly. Just make sure there is enough juice of tomato and cucumber in the mix and burning the mouth can be avoided. Yogurt is also effective.

  78. nathanlangly says

    To get the best benefits from garlic you should chop it up and let it sit for 15 minutes. Allicin is derived when chopped up. The finer the chopping the more allicin is generated and the stronger the medicinal affect. Happy garlicking everyone ! :-]

    • says

      Garlic is a wonderful flavoring, but sadly, the heat interferes with the creation of allicin (potent anti-microbial property). It’s still healthy, but not as potent as a remedy. :)

  79. Susie says

    Your garlic toast sounds delightful but what about the GLYPHOSATE?? Our method is to crush a clove of garlic with a garlic press and cut into a spoon. We swallow this spoonful of garlic and chase with a glass of water. IMPORTANT: To avoid “fire in the tummy” we make sure we eat food before and after the garlic. Hubby & I both take it with supper and we don’t smell each other. Also, we don’t smell like garlic when we wake up in the morning so we’re ready to go out in public! Love it!

    • says

      Glyphosate is a pesticide, so I’m not following how that ties in? I have read that garlic and other allium family plants are so strong smelling that there is not much need for farmers to use pesticides on them. If you’re concerned, just buy organic. :)

  80. n___n garliclover86 says

    For some reason I felt the urge to eat half a bulb of garlic daily this past month. I always have sinus problems, runny eyes, a runny nose, skin itching around the nose.

    But now it’s all gone 0_0. I also have no gum pain anymore.

    And my hyperpigmentation seems less bad.

    And whats weirder: i would sweat alot and smell before. But since ive started eating garlic my sweat doesnt smell and when i fast an entire day my breath doesnt smell.

    It also gives me a better kick than coffee..

    garlic, i love thee

  81. ERIc says

    I have been swallowing a whole clove and wondering if its being digested properly? That was the reason I searched out this blog. I usually chase it down with a V-8. I used to chew it but it left a bad taste in my mouth for most of the day. I imagine I could cut it into a few pieces and chase it with a v-8.

  82. Bobi Becker says

    Hi Gwen……just read about chopping raw garlic and putting into butter then on toast…. How often should one do this, like twice a day or once everyday????

  83. Sarah says

    I love garlic too. It’s my favorite! I can’t just throw a clove in my mouth and chew it raw either. I’ve done it several times and the first time got 7 mouth ulcers. Can you imagine? One is bad enough it you eat too much salt or vinegar etc but 7! I was in so much pain for a full week. I can eat 8+ cloves but usually toast them up mildly on the stove top. I also like to chop it and put it in my enchinacea tea. If cannabis is ever legalized in arizona I would love to make cannabis infused garlic oil for stress as I do not like smoke.

  84. Gail says

    In Nice I ordered Bouillabaise at a restaurant. They served it with toasted bread and a clove of garlic. When I asked what I was supposed to do with it the waiter told me to rub the toast with the garlic clove and then butter the toast. Et voila! Garlic toast. And that is how I’ve made toasted garlic bread ever since then. Warning: do not butter your bread and go back to your butter source with the used knife. The garlic flavour will transfer to the butter that you don’t use and make an unpleasant jam sandwich the next day.

  85. Kenneth Kelly says

    I chop it up and mix it with honey and chew and swallow the concoction….can barely taste the garlic….works great.

  86. Rob says

    Another way is to rub a clove of garlic on well done toast. The toast acts like sandpaper and the garlic is absorbed onto the surface of the bread. You can apply the garlic to both sides too. Obviously apply the garlic before you soften the toast with butter.

  87. Eli says

    My dad used to eat raw garlic all the time, he would chew the clove whole then swallow it. BUT there was a trick he taught me, he would stuff the clove into a piece of a banana and then chew it, apparently the banana for some reason neutralizes the harsh burning effects of chewing raw garlic and makes it extremely managable, you still get a little garlic taste but without the burn, it even tones down the garlic flavor. I didn’t believe it until I tried it!

  88. Erin says

    This may be too rough for some. I don’t know. I really love raw garlic so it’s not an issue for me, but I have two preferred ways.

    1. Making bruschetta with summer tomatoes topping. You can make toast or sometimes I eat it with poached eggs. Chop roma tomatoes and 2 cloves of garlic. Mix and add olive oil, diced basil (if you can get it), some salt and pepper and mix. Let it sit a bit. It’s a family recipe that we love all summer and I still make it into the winter. Most people don’t notice the raw garlic in here!

    2. Sprouted grain toast with a little olive oil, sliced raw garlic, cheese and roasted peppers. Sprinkle with salt. So delicious!

    Hope maybe someone enjoyed!

  89. sydney jane says

    I have a lot of digestive problems when I eat it raw by itself (mainly belching all day, but also some stomach pains), so I try a few other ways. One is mixed in with plain or vanilla yogurt. Second is to add it to a big spoonful of sauerkraut (I get the organic kind). Sometimes, I’ll add to a homemade vinagratte just before I serve it. Then, like someone suggested above, stuffing it in a big olive or adding it to a nice homemade chicken soup are also good ideas. Nice web page – I learned a few different ways to eat it raw.

  90. Mary says

    Two ways for me. Firstly to crush a clove in a garlic press, mix with lemon juice and warm water. Drink it down. Make sure to rinse mouth afterwards, so lemon juice does not damage teeth. Or secondly, again crush and add to smashed avocado and sardines. A little lemon juice, salt and pepper and you have a nice lunch or snack. If bread OK for you (not for me) you could also spread this mixture on toast.

  91. Josephine says

    Is it okay to saute the garlic in olive oil? Cause thats what Im doing everyday.The strong taste of garlic gone totally and I enjoy eating it.

    • says

      It’s certainly got healthy properties, but cooking deactivates the allicin (the anti-microbial part). So if you’re getting sick, try one of these other methods!

  92. Beverly says

    I chop my garlic up into small pieces and mix it into guacamole or salsa, and I also make omlets for breakfast top it with salsa and chopped garlic! You don’t feel the heat from the garlic and the flavors are amazing. My One year old eats it that way and he loves it !!

  93. pankaj K sharma says

    Eating raw garlic is not good on daily basis. Moreover adding garlic to food is not logical at cold places. Garlic is not food. People eat garlic at hot places to keep mosquitoes away. Adding it to food kills the bacteria which again is not going to survive at cold places. Why we feel thirsty after eating garlic it’s because our body wants to get rid of it. Ever wondered why garlic is not infected by anything. So eat garlic if it really helps in prevention as everyone is evolved differently. For me eating raw garlic or medicine, it’s one and the same thing. I don’t use any

    • says

      Not everyone responds well to garlic. Some people really have issues with onions or garlic because of the sulfur content. I don’t think it has much to do with temperature. It is a wonderful preservative if used fresh, but the allicin that kills bacteria does time out within several hours, or if cooked. So there are cultures who eat it daily and add it to lots of types of foods.

  94. Demitry says

    I usually cook bean or lentil soup, but since I am hispanic I add in cilantro, onions, garlic, bacon and a few other trade secrets, however once they are cooked I’ll serve some in a bowl and thinly slice raw garlic(about 3 cloves) and onions then mix them into the bean soup to steep as I eat and I do chew them prior to swallowing them.

  95. Krishna says

    Here is my mode of taking garlic with empty stomach:
    – peal off the wrappers skin around the clove.
    – make up around 2-3 cloves,
    – put all 3 cloves in a mashing stone
    – ram them into paste and collect the past into a spoon
    – take a full glass of water and make it to warm
    – take couple of sips of water
    – then take the whole spoon of mashed garlic
    – then gulp the water in succession

    Don’t take anything till 25-30 mins after the above consumption.

    The reason for warm water is to make the body no need to spend addition team to bring it to body temperature.

    Is this Okay, or does it need any modification?

    Please comment.

  96. Joe says

    I just chop it finely, then chew it up and eat it. One of the benefits of loving, and being able to tolerate spicy food! :)

  97. Mick Dooley says

    Crush two cloves with a flat blade, chop into small pieces, mix with honey (raw or another LOCAL product, and eat.

  98. Peter Stirland says

    Hi I always just chew two cloves and swallow, it did burn my mouth the first few times but now it never burns but I must say the toast way sounds much better.

  99. Amy says

    Garlic has helped me through mastitis 3 times. The one time I did not use it I was I’ll for 3 days as opposed to one. Anecdotal of course, but I would never risk going without it again. I was once told that you need to slice it and let it breathe for a few minutes for greatest efficacy.

  100. cbo says

    I chop the fresh clove in bitty pieces and just add them to pasta or spaghetti wth some olive oil. That’s a yummy meal we really enjoy. Or I buy any ready made pasta sauce and just add the fresh garlic pieces inside.

  101. Sidney says

    My 10-year-old son and I prefer to cut the clove of garlic into several pill-sized pieces and swallow them with water. We chase it with a spoonful of raw, unfiltered honey.

  102. jennie lynn coons says

    I have used raw garlic for several years now to hasten colds, the flu and even a viral infection in my lungs and always had a very positive out come. I buy it by the bottle crushed and add honey to help it go down followed by a good drink of water several times a day. It has always benefited me health wise with tremendous results but I never chew it as it just leaves such a bad bitter taste in my mouth that lingers way to long. If you want the effects of a natural antibiotic please feel free to try this natural form, plus it saves you a great deal of money and you can buy it just about any where for just a few dollars, its a must have staple in your refrigerator, especially during the long, cold winter month’s.

  103. Karen says

    Depending on the size of the clove I do coat it on honey and swallow it whole, otherwise I cut it in half and do the same. This was one of the many things I did to cure myself of GBS (Group B Strep) during my preganancy. It showed up in my urine culture at 35weeks and after two weeks of a strict natural regament including eating two cloves of garlic a day, my next urine culture at 37 weeks was clear. For safety I kept up with the regament and tested again at 39 weeks and was still GBS free!

  104. Anise says

    I chopped the garlic in half and when i swallowed the bigger half i felt like i was going to puke, and as if it were stuck in my throat the feeling was very unpleasant i wondered if i had to puke to get it out but after awhile it eased away, i still feel as if it was there though.

  105. Reila says

    My mother always puts the chopped up pieces into a big spoon of honey and swallows it like a tasty sweet mouthful with a slight odour of garlic.

  106. says

    Hello Gwen! Live the information! Three days in a row I was swallowing a clove of garlic as a whole but I chose smaller cloves. The next day I couldn’t find the smaller one that I thought I could swallow anymore so I had to cut one on half and swallow only half! I was nervous doing that since thought it could burn my insides but I feel fine! Love garlic! I also use garlic in mincing way to prevent colds/flus when it’s in the air by sniffing on it before going anywhere in the public. Here is a link to how I do that-

  107. Travis Chilensky says

    I use garlic by taking one large clove and cutting it into slivers. Then I grab the cream cheese spread it on a cracker and place the slivers on top and eat it. I found that using garlic that is labeled as organic is much less harsh on the guts. I used to just unpeel the regular variety and chew it up and let it absorb a bit into the tongue and then swallow it.

  108. Marci Reno says

    When my daughter and son were young we would put cream cheese on a cracker, Triscut or Wheat Thin, peel a clove of garlic and stuff it in the cream cheese and eat the whole thing in one bite. My daughter is 40 and she remembers it to this day. Must have been the heat of the garlic she remembers, plus it is so delicious!

  109. Alan says

    Hi, I read once that eating raw garlic can cause irreparable damage to the esophagus and stopped immediately. I know that in some people it can cause reflux problems but I never had any side effects apart from comments about a constant garlic odour emission but that was banter. Is this a danger to me. I believe I read an article in Readers Digest which drew my intention and most people take info in Readers Digest as true. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Alan in Belfast.

    • says

      Hi Alan,
      I do not eat raw garlic daily. I only use it when we are coming down with an illness. I don’t think occasional use is dangerous for people who have a healthy digestion and normal protective mucosal secretions. It’s far more likely that a common infection like H Pylori would damage the stomach or esophagus.

  110. mike says

    I cut one clove and I cut it into pieces as much as possible the I coat it with honey. That is the best way to eat raw garlic so I am told. You have to do it on an empty stomach of course. The honey not only doubles the strength of the garlic, but it makes it easy to go down your throat.

  111. anonymous says

    The part in the garlic that burns is (unfortunately) the part that fights the infection. No burning-no results. I used to chop mine up real fine and swallow it with applesauce, but it just didn’t work. So now I put it with a cracker and cream cheese or honey and chew it real good. It hardly burns at all, and no cold stays around very long!

    • says

      I like using honey and fresh garlic, but it’s not suitable for babies. I use maple syrup for little ones under a year. But yep…honey and garlic are two of the main components of my cough remedy that my kids love!

  112. Lauren says

    I have been routinely taking a teaspoon of the minced garlic packed in water that you buy in jars. I chew it up and swallow. It doesn’t seem that anyone else is buying the convenient and cheap already minced garlic in a jar? Is there a reason? And is this okay as part of a daily regimen?

  113. Mike says

    Chop and add to soups or cup a soups when nearlly done , as a little heat takes the harsh taste away .Turmeric half a teaspoon heated also.

  114. kevin webb says

    I top and tail the clove of garlic. I then skin it and chop the clove up into the tiniest pieces I can make. Then I understand we have to leave it for at least 10 minutes – say whilst your eating a meal – and then chew – not eat – all the pieces. It makes your mouth burn for a minute, but that soon goes away. I hear that this process of leaving it lets the air get to it and releases the Allicin which gets on with the job inside the body.( By doing this the allicin is absorbed via the tongue)

  115. Ja'Net says

    Hi! Great article. I have eaten raw garlic over several years, (one time specifically was when I had hives several years ago. I went on the Master Cleanser detox fast for 10 days and consumed raw minced garlic at the same time.) I recently have begun eating a bulb a day. Not a clove. One bulb. I have not experienced diarrhea nor any other negative side affects. I have been doing this for the past 4 days and I only plan to continue up to the 7th day. I think I am pre-diabetic and I weigh about 210. I started eating the garlic as a blood cleanser and to clean my colon some. I haven’t felt anything negative besides some mild gas and, yes, I do smell like pizza but I feel those are small prices to pay for clean arteries and overall increased health. Please don’t take this as a refutation of your article, bc that is not my intent. Just wanted to inform you of my experiences and open an avenue in case you do have some info that I need. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

  116. Lexa says

    Raw garlic crosses the blood brain barrier and kills brain cells, it also can create holes in the intestines. Please stop ingesting this poison!! Watch Andreas Moritz “Eating garlic is very toxic for the body” and Dr Robert Beck’s video on youtube regarding garlic. If your aim is to kill parasites, try black walnut, cloves, and other herbs that will not cause harm.

  117. Gifty Antwi says

    i chew garlic and drink water in an empty stomach. is it harmful.

    should i swallow it with water or should i chew and drink water. Advice me

  118. Ali Kawser says


    I’v had suffered from sinuses clogged up and tired fatigue problem badly for years and had taken lots of normal medicine and herbal medicine but nothing seemed working. Until a new colleague joined at my work place who does do and is involved with alternative medicine in herbal medicine advised me to chopp up a single garlic clove and either leave it in mouth for a mintue or two then swallow it or put it inside a glass of water for an hour and then drink it in empty stomac for few weeks that will treat and clear up sinuses clogged up and get rid of any infections bacteria so I tried for two weeks now and have noticed that I feel much less tired and fatigue and the sinus is clear and clogged free and now I can feel tastes and smell fragrance were as before I could smell anything. I can walk around flowers and grass without sneezing and feeling stuff nose..I would recommend others who suffer similar problem as mine. But would always double check with your doctor first.

  119. Dom says

    I love garlic so much….I use my Japanese Slicer – & slice 6 cloves….you can slice it really fine and mix it with one juice of lemon…..throw in a can of rinsed chick peas, a diced carrot, 1/4 red onion….oregano, turmeric, fennel seeds…maybe a pinch of chilli flakes, capers & some black olives…….let it all sit and stir off and on for 1/2 hour……crusty bread and that is lunch or dinner….wash it down with your favourite wine….boom…done.

  120. Lauren says

    I must have the Teflon coated mouth. I enjoy chewing it up everyday. Luckily, my husband loves garlic and doesn’t mind my breath :)

  121. William Comer, BSc,CCN says

    I have not eaten raw garlic since I learned in Thailand–a major grower of garlic in the world–that raw garlic is poisonous I think to the digestive system. Thai chop it finely then roast it in rice oil, to be used ass a condiment and snack–its delicious!

    Several minutes ago, after reading your words and others’ I went to my kitchen to follow your directions, but spit out the close and juices for 5 minutes. Waited another 5 min. then had a tablespoon of cashew mile, only because it was on hand–no special reason. Now, another question: how many times a day for the treatment of eye floaters, I shall find out and report back.

  122. Lawrence Hope says

    I have taken to eating garlic, but wonder if I’m doing it right. I chop it up into small pieces (the whole bulb), very small pieces, and put them in a jar and cover it in honey. I take a teaspoonful daily, and wash it down with a mouthful of tea. This preparation lasts me for two to three weeks. My fear is this – if I leave it this long, am I losing the allicin in the process?

  123. Bhaskar Kallepalli says

    How long I need to wait before I can eat my break fast after eating a clove of Garlic? I was assuming ideally 15- 30 minutues

  124. Andrew says

    I can eat habaneros whole (with food to chase) and raw, so garlic is no problem.

    I smash 2 cloves, let sit for 15 minutes, pop them whole and chew and swallow. The “hot” feeling in the mouth doesn’t last long at all. Sometimes you get a one that’s a lot spicier but I figure the spicier it is the better the clove.

  125. says

    Well, you are losing the allicin, but there are plenty of other great components in garlic. Allicin is what I want when treating an active infection. So if that’s not the goal of your regimen, then it should be just fine! :)

  126. ben says

    i just put a whole clove of garlic in my mouth, chewed it up, and swallowed it, WOAH did it burn! My mouth was on fire for about a minute. Luckily I had some yoghurt on hand to smash down. I wish I had found your helpful tips before haha

  127. K says

    Well to those who want to boil it or heat it in anyway – even a small amount of heat destroys the allicin so some of the major benefits get destroyed right there!! the way described in the article is awesome and the best possible way to consume raw garlic while getting 100% of the benefits!!

  128. Ramona says

    I just read through the comments, went home at lunch and cut up raw organic garlic and took it down with honey and a gulp of water. It is possible that my sinuses are ALREADY clearing up? Wishful thinking?