Sugar Free Raspberry Lemonade Recipe

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I have a raspberry lemonade recipe obsession. Even though technically it’s supposed to be fall, and everything is *supposed* to taste like pumpkin spice, I thought we might want to have a little  more variety in the mix. You know, for those of use who are not quite ready to let go of the summer.

I’m not ready.

So if you want to taste the sparkly, tart flavors of summer (any time of year!) get an empty glass…
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some ice, a can of any sparkling water (I used lemon), and mix up a quick batch of my lemon raspberry syrup!

My whole life might be centered around this flavor combo right now. And I’m OK with that!

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First: fill your glass with about 1/4 cup of lemon raspberry syrup. Toss in a couple of lemon slices if you want to be fancy. And then fill your glass with ice. raspberry lemonade recipe (3 of 9)

Then pour sparkling water over the whole thing like this. raspberry lemonade recipe (4 of 9)

P.S. Thanks for bearing with me while I learn food photography. It’s tricky.

And here she is: a lovely sparkly raspberry lemonade! Give it a stir or two and taste- adjust the sweetness to just how you like it, and drink up!
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SO much tastier and better for you than the sugary-artificial-flavor-and-color-mixes that you get even at restaurants. This is the amazing flavor of REAL raspberries!

Look at those beauties floating around in there. raspberry lemonade recipe (6 of 9)

Serve or hide in the laundry room and savor a few more fleeting moments of summer. raspberry lemonade recipe (7 of 9)

Printable Raspberry Lemonade Recipe & Pin

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Sugar Free Raspberry Lemonade Recipe
A delightful sparkly raspberry lemonade recipe that's sugar free, and TOTALLY healthy and refreshing!
  • ¼ cup raspberry lemon syrup (recipe here)
  • Ice to fill glass
  • sparkling water- I chose lemon flavored
  • optional- additional sweetener to taste
  • optional- lemons and raspberries to garnish if you're feeling fancy
  1. Add ¼ cup raspberry lemon syrup to a glass.
  2. Fill glass with ice.
  3. Fill glass with sparkling water
  4. Stir and taste- adding additional sweetener until it's just right
  5. Garnish if desired.
THM notes: This recipe is a Fuel Pull, and can be enjoyed with any type of meal or snack!

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