Taco Salad 3 Ways


Today is Taco Salad day here at Gwen’s Nest, on this fine Trim Healthy Tuesday.  I’ve been asked to blog about how I like to eat my taco salad, and my answer is–ANY way you make it! I love tacos and Mexi-fare so much that it pretty much has its own day on my weekly menu.

Today, I’m sharing a FUN FIND for making THM Taco Salads, a VENN diagram of Trim Healthy Taco Salads.  Which is a great visual for how to make a taco salad one of 3 ways: S, E or Fuel Pull.

AWESOME THM Taco Salad Bowl Maker

When sticking with Trim Healthy Mama versions of taco salad, you do wave goodbye to corn chips (unless you can find baked blue corn chips, but those seem to be as rare as unicorn teeth).  However, you can enjoy low carb tortillas, baked into one of THESE:


And I found them at the Dollar Tree of all places!  Pop in your favorite low carb tortilla, with a tiny spritz of oil, and bake until crisp (though not quite as crisp as my version).P1110574

THM Taco Salad Venn Diagram

Confused about what to put on your Taco Salad?  Fear not!  Here is an easy visual aid:


Armed with this info, you can go forth and enjoy countless Mexican creations and be confidently on plan. I like to start with a healthy serving of greens as the base for ALL of my taco salads.  FAR healthier than the base of chips that I used to use.  I like to cut my lettuce into fine shreds for this for family meals.  If I’m throwing together lunch for myself, I just grab a handful of lettuce out of the pre-washed lettuce container that lives in my fridge.

  • In the mood for a decadent and creamy S style taco salad?  Enjoy with real sour cream, cheese, avocado, and any of the Fuel Pull ingredients that interest you.
  • Want to keep it light and in the E zone?  Stick with the Fuel Pull items in your base salad, and fuel up with a serving of E carbs.  Easy peasy!  Gotta have cheese?  Stick with light cheese, and keep the total fat under 5 grams for your E or Fuel Pull salads.
  • And you’d be surprised at how filling and satisfying a Fuel Pull taco salad can be.  I was amazed at how perfect thick and tart 0% Greek yogurt is at standing in for sour cream.  Seriously impressive!

If you’re looking for good recipes, here are two of my favorites (click photos to open links in a new window)

lime-chicken-soft-tacosAnd this one for my homemade taco seasoning…delish!

P1110121Stacy is sharing her recipe for Chicken Fried Steak this week over at StacyMakesCents!  YUM!

And now for LOTS more Trim & Healthy Inspiration…


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And now for this weeks Trim Healthy Tuesday Posts!

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  1. Stacy says

    Yummorama! We had E Taco Salad night at one of my THM meetings – and it was very popular. :-) Love the diagrahm.

  2. Rashel says

    I love your chart you included to show which category it would fall into, brilliant! Thank you for selecting me as a featured post from last week, how awesome!!

  3. cincapri says

    I love that diagram. I’m such a visual person that seeing it really helps! I love tacos and taco salad. I did try the Josephs Pita Chips with my homemade beans last week. Yum!

    Love all your THM posts!


  4. Wanda says

    The Venn diagram is pure genius for a sometimes befuddled THM newbie like me. Do you have any others tucked away???

  5. Teresa Davis says

    I love your chart for the Taco Salad Three Ways….it is so helpful for starting out on THM Plan. Do you have one for side salads with the different meals. Being new to THM i get confused on what should go on salads with the different meals. I know it is easy to make them crossovers. A chart for the fridge would be helpful while still trying to read through the book.

    • says

      Hi Teresa! :) You could print this one and use it, and make little notes on what components of regular salads go into which part: nuts, cheese, oils, avocado, fatty meats, etc. would be S; chicken, lowfat lunch meats, lettuce, cucumbers, and veggies are FP. A full serving (over 15 grams) of rice, fruits, or blueberries would be E. Hope that helps! :)