Low Carb German Pancake Recipe

Low-carb-german-pancakeThis low carb German Pancake recipe is the answer to my heart’s cry for the perfect sugar free breakfast.  Back before I read Trim Healthy Mama, we would eat a version of this oven pancake nearly every week.  It was heavenly.  I’d tweaked a recipe from my Finnish friend Jen.  The Finns call it Pannukakku.  Jen’s kids prounounced it “Bunny Cake,” and the name stuck.

But it also stuck to the thighs like nobody’s business.  It contained a whole stick of butter, 3/4 cups of sugar, 2 cups of milk, 1 1/2 cups of flour, 6 eggs…it was SO naughty.  But ever so delicious.  I was grieved to give it up. Nigh unto heart sick.


Finally…FINALLY I have perfected a THM version of my favorite breakfast dish.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of baking or enjoying a German or Finnish oven pancake, it’s a real treat.  My old recipe would puff up as it baked and become a GIANT fluff that would shrink back down as it cooled.


This version rises in the oven just like the sugary version, AND it’s got the essential custard-like texture with the sweet crust on the top and edges. My favorite.



I served it this past weekend, and it was a big hit.  Even my kiddo that doesn’t like eggs was asking for seconds and super excited about it.  I served it with a drizzle of real maple syrup for the kids, and my sugar free maple syrup for my Trim Healthy Man and me.  We also had spoons of warm sugar free berry syrup mingled over the top.  H.E.A.V.E.N.

P1130439(Sorry about the blurry photos. I suspect it’s directly connected to tiny syrupy fingerprints that I later discovered on my lens.)

I can assure you that I’ll be eating this in the morning.

Here’s your printable Low Carb German Pancake Recipe

5.0 from 8 reviews
Low Carb German Pancake Recipe [S]
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
We call this "Bunny Cake" at our house. But not matter what you call it, it's my favorite breakfast treat. Somewhere between a baked custard and a pancake, this delightful S breakfast is a family pleaser, and the perfect weekend or holiday breakfast treat. It reheats nicely.
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 10
  • 4 T butter (1/2 stick or ¼ cup)
  • 6 eggs
  • ½ c. xylitol or erythritol + stevia to sweeten (2 scoops)
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • 1½ cups oat flour*
  • 1 t. salt
  • 1½ c. unsweetened almond milk
  • ½ c. cream or ½ & ½
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg, optional
  1. Preheat oven to 375.
  2. Place 9x13 casserole dish into oven as it preheats, and add 4 T of butter (half of a stick) to the pan and allow to melt as you mix up the batter.
  3. In a blender or bowl, combine remaining ingredients, and whisk together until well blended.
  4. Pour batter into hot casserole dish, and swirl with melted butter to blend it in briefly.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes.
  6. Serve with Sugar Free Berry Syrup, and/or Sugar Free Maple Syrup, and dust with powdered erythritol if desired.
*If you do not have oat flour handy, blend 1½ cups of oats in your blender to make your own. Check your carb count if buying premade oat flour- they can vary. If you'd like to lower the carb count, try subbing ½ cup of oat fiber for the oat flour.
Usually, oats and oat flour are an E ingredient, but I calculated the servings in this recipe, and it's squarely in S territory.
Cut into 12 servings, I calculate 8 grams of fat, and 6 net carbs per serving if using 1½ cups of ground oats.
Cut into 10 servings, I figured 10 grams of fat and 7 net carbs if using 1½ cups of ground oats.

So, what does *your* family call an oven baked pancake? :)

And now for MY favorite part of Trim Healthy Tuesdays: all of the FANTASTIC link ups from other THM bloggers! Thank you all for making Tuesdays so inspired, trimming, and fun!

And now for LOTS more Trim & Healthy Inspiration…


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    • Its_Gwen says

      Sure, but you will may want to tweak the amount. I don’t know the sugar to truvia conversion. Xylitol is as sweet as sugar.

  1. Holly@abundantlyfed says

    Oh, Gwen, you are wonderful! Seriously, just LAST night I was lamenting missing my Finnish pancakes and wondering how I could tweak this or that to get something similar. You just did all the work for me! What a blessing you are!

    • Its_Gwen says

      Warm one slice in the oven or microwave. :) If you’re rewarming the whole pan, you can cover it with some foil to keep it from drying out. I’d do 200* for 15-20 mins.

  2. rhonda says

    I am so happy about this recipe! I have really missed making German/Dutch Puffs since going THM. I especially appreciate that it uses oat flour instead of almond flour…makes it much cheaper! That means that we can enjoy it often! Thank you!
    (I’d love to see you come up with a pumpkin breakfast cake type of thing with oat flour ~ I love Stacey Makes Cents’ almond flour version!) Rhonda

  3. Aleah Cronk says

    We loved this! I will make it again! (I did use the nutmeg.)
    I plan to make it for the Bible Study potluck. Perfect brunch food. :)

  4. Sherry says

    Gwen, thank you so much for the German Pancake recipe! I made it for breakfast this morning and it turned out perfectly and tasted great. I love your site!

  5. Lydia says

    I made this yesterday and had it for breakfast again today. So yummy. Mine doesn’t come out as yellow and as crusty as yours though. It is not as custards either. It is soft and a bit chewy. Am I doing it right ? I halved the recipe since I want to try it first to see if I like it,

  6. Tammy says

    Thank you – over the past year I have been making German pancakes and loved them but have not had since THM. Can’t wait to try this out . . . THANK YOU!!!

  7. Joy says

    I grew up with the more custardy pannukakku, but my husband grew up with less eggs in the version his mom made. I cut the eggs back to 4,instead of 6. Is it still an S, or would that make it E?

  8. Amanda says

    Seriously, these are SO GOOD. Made them for our family and not only were they completely unaware that they were THM, but they could not believe how fantastically tasty they are! Great recipe – a keeper :-)

  9. DeLynn_D says

    I finally made this today–have been wanting to for a few weeks. Delicious! :) Thank you so much for coming up with this recipe. I just put some frozen raspberries on mine…perfect! My 15 year old had no idea it was low-carb and enjoyed it very much. Thank you!

  10. Mamamo says

    This recipe is lovely! Mywhole family loves it. The pnly trouble is I need more than one piece, so I go over on carbs to keep it an S :(. Would there be any way to make it E?

    • Its_Gwen says

      Not that I think would be worth trying. I’d use a side dish to fill you: a frappe, 1/2 cup of yogurt…we love almond raspberry yogurt (using the berry syrup I make).

  11. says

    Gwen, I have Stevia in the Raw, which does not have a scoop… can you tell me what the conversion / measurement might be? I also have a but of Truvia to add to if needed. Thanks!

  12. Tammy says

    Gwen this is wonderful! I loved every bite and the cleanup was a cinch! That’s fantastic in my book. 5 Gold Stars!! <3

    • Its_Gwen says

      Nope…not with all of the butter. This is just a far better fit for an S recipe. If you’re looking for a yummy E breakfast, try the Berry Cake or check the Recipe menu tab for E recipes or THM Breakfast Recipes. :)

    • Its_Gwen says

      An E would require a lot more healthy carbs per serving, and probably need to cut some of the butter. I think they work best as an S. :)

  13. Rebecca says

    Made this with just the egg whites. It was a hit with my family! I’m going to make this a new regular for our family.

  14. CFink says

    I made this the other day and it is amazing!!!! I absolutely love German Apple Pancake. I made this recipe and had it with a little sugar free syrup and goodness gracious it’s good!!

    I was wondering though…is there a way to convert this recipe so it’s an E?

    I would love to add Apples and some cinnamon to this pancake but Apples are an E…this recipe would be a crossover if I added apples.

  15. Laura says

    Thank you for yet another family favorite to add to my thm success! I made this on Christmas morning with strawberry syrup (with my frozen stash and xylitol) and my boys loved it. I’m enjoying it again this morning after weighing and reaching 60 pounds lost forever. Thank you for your blog and recipes. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  16. Shelly says

    Gwen~ How is the german pancakes an S when it has oat flour? Can it be replaced with the THM oat fiber? I really want to make these. :-)

    Thank you!

    • Norma says

      Oat fiber and oat flour are not the same. I make my own oat flour by grinding old fashioned oatmeal in my blender. The oat fiber I buy online (don’t remember where). Most THM bloggers will have links to sites where it is available.

  17. Amy says

    I used Stevia in the Raw from the baking bag. Worked perfectly!! I was wondering if anyone has tried this batter in the waffle iron?? And if you had 2 pieces without fruit or a topping with carbs, wouldn’t it still be S with the carb count?

    • Gwen says

      I don’t think this would work in a waffle iron because of the difference in texture…this is more of a custard consistency. You’ll want to switch sweeteners to one that doesn’t have dextrose or maltodexterin in it. Look for one with erythritol as the base with the stevia. :)

      You do want to keep carb count in mind. I’d try doing one piece, and enjoy it with some berry syrup or fresh berries if you want! If you’re still hungry, then add a FP option like the Fat Stripping Frappe and that should fill you right up! :)

  18. Jennifer Hamilton says

    Looks yummy! I only have THM Sweet Blend and stevia. Do you think I could just use the sweet blend for all of it? I don’t have just xylitol yet.

  19. Tonya says

    How much exactly is a scoop? And what is the ratio of sweeteners you used? You indicated that you use at least two kinds. Also, how much is a doonk?
    I am not sure what kind of small budgets our authors really have, but most folks I know cannot possibly afford every item and gizmo they want you to have… Putting the recipes into terms and financial means for even the tiniest budget would be a super big help!

    • says

      Hi Tonya,
      The challenge with giving exact measurements with alternative sweeteners is that every brand of stevia (and sometimes different batches of the same brand) will vary a LOT in sweetness. I find that most of us get a favorite and kind of stick there, and learn to get a feel for how much it takes, whether you’re using the shake it out method or the tiny 1/32 of a tsp scoop that comes with some brands. If you’re new to using alternative sweeteners, try adding 1/2 tsp of whatever brand of stevia extract you enjoy to a full cup of erythritol or xylitol. That will give you approx. the sweetness of store bought Truvia. In this recipe you’d use 1/2 cup of that. You can bump the stevia up or down from there based on how sweet you like things. :)

      I’m not affiliated with the THM company in any way, but the sisters are now friends of mine. I can tell you that they wrote the plan for anyone on any budget to use (there is a chapter on that in the book actually). Healthy foods are their passion, and they are choosing to invest in creating a company that provides those as options. I think it’s a great idea! But you can do the plan with stuff you buy at the grocery store if you want.

      I did review their stevia and sweet blend and can tell you that it’s a great value because it’s SO stupendously sweet that you’ll use about half of what you do with other brands to attain the same sweetness. And they are priced competitively with other products on the market…that’s important to them. But truly-you can use whatever brand and products you choose for the plan.

  20. Amanda says

    Hey Gwen,

    We tired your Low Crab German Pancakes for the 1st time this weekend and yummy. Our only problem was that we cut the pan in 12 servings and had 2 pieces each, but that didn’t seem to fill us up enough. How many could we have and do you eat anything else with it to fill you up?

  21. Colleen Rieth says

    Gwen, I LOVE this pancake! Since I have some kids with sensitivities, I tried making it this morning in two batches: one with xylitol, one with THM stevia only. The one with only stevia did not brown as much. They both puffed equally, but the one with xylitol was 1 1/2 cm tall in the middle after sitting, while the one made with stevia was 1 cm tall in the middle after sitting. The taste and texture were basically the same, but the one with xylitol was slightly more satisfying to the mouth, because it was thicker. So if I had a choice to make this with either, I’d choose the xylitol (or erythritol). But if I had to choose whether to make it with stevia or not at all, stevia works well! My son who can’t have sugar alcohols still loved the stevia-only version. I’d give your recipe 5 stars and your recipe as made with stevia 4 stars. By the way, I used the THM conversion chart, and the substitution is 1/4 tsp THM stevia for 1/2 c xylitol. I have pictures if you’re interested!

  22. Jennie K. says

    DUTCH BABIES!!! Hooray, a THM recipe of dutch babies that I grew up eating and missed(originally it had melted butter, milk, flour and eggs). My kids and I really enjoyed this morning though I enjoyed my homemade maple syrup more than my oldest did. I plan to enjoy with fresh berries and maybe homemade whip cream later since it is a S meal. I even baked it in a cast iron skillet like I normally would. THANK YOU!!!

  23. Stephanie Yu says

    I made this recipe this morning for breakfast. I enjoyed it tremendously. I used your calculations for the carb count. I have Bob’s Red Mill oat flour and the net carb count is 22 for 1/3 cup. So that equals 99 for 1 1/2 cups. When I calculated the carb count for 10 and 12 servings I got 9.9 and 8.25 respectively. Am I missing something? That’s the carbs for just the oat flour. Now I’m worried I have a crossover meal instead of an S meal. Could you tell me what brand oat flour you used or if I’ve done something wrong in the calculations. I’m not eating crossovers right now so what I made this morning will go to waste. Ugh.

    • says

      Hi Stephanie,
      Hmmm…I bought oat flour from a Korean market at one point, or I grind up regular oats to make my oat flour. I honestly can’t remember which info I used for calculating- I usually go to http://nutritiondata.self.com/ to calculate ingredients for recipes if it’s not printed on the packaging. I don’t have the packaging from the flour I used, so I can’t check that.

      If you go from rolled oats, it brings the total to 72 for the whole pan. The only other carbs in the recipe would be the 1 net carb per cup of almond milk (so that would bring it to 73.5) I don’t count any of the other carbs, because for me, THM is not really about the math.

      But either way, that does bump the carbs to 6 or 7 per slice if you cut into 12 or 10 servings. Anything below 10 is going to fall into S territory, so I’d still consider this an S recipe, but I will change the nutrition info. THANK YOU, thank you for letting me know!

      If you’d like to whittle the carbs back even more, you can try subbing in 1/2 cup of oat fiber for the ground oats, and that would take the carb count back down to 4 or 4.8 depending on how you slice it. :)

  24. Annette Kamps says

    Hi Gwen – I have made these pancakes often and love them. Plan to make them for a family brunch after church on Sunday and wonder if I can make the batter early that morning and keep it in the fridge and then bake it just before the brunch?


  25. Dianne says

    Gwen, I was wanting a clafouti dessert. I wondered if you thought this recipe might work. I think a clafouti is similar, except it’s baked I with fruit in it. Any thoughts?

  26. Jacque says

    It’s in the oven. Next time I’d like to try reducing the fat so I can load it with hot cinnamon apples. Do you have an E version for me?

  27. says

    Can this be made in the evening and then just eaten throughout the week? If so, how would you recommend re-heating it? Note — I do not have an aversion to the microwave. LOL! :)

    • says

      Definitely! You can reheat in the microwave for a single serving, but it heats *very quickly* so start at like 30 seconds. :) Or you can reheat it in the oven if you want. If you know you’re going to do single servings of it through the week, you could even bake it in the 1 cup widemouth glass jars and keep them in the fridge!

  28. Becca says

    I have never made nor eaten a German pancake before. This looked good, so I decided to try it this morning. After baking for 30 minutes, it had a beautiful light golden brown crust on the top, but under the surface it was still very runny. I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be that way or not since I don’t gave any experience with it. I decided to leave it baking for another 10 minutes.
    When I took it out, it no longer jiggled. It still had a very custard-like texture in the middle. The bottom was more cake-like and the top had a nice, thin crust. I don’t know if that’s what it was supposed to be like, but it was delicious!
    Thanks for the new idea for my breakfast rotation.

    • says

      So glad you enjoyed it! It’s *not* supposed to be super jiggly, so you probably did the right thing. :) It’s definitely a custard. Maybe split the difference and go an additional 2-5 minutes, checking it to be just set. The pan size, and even variations in oven temps can affect it. SO glad you enjoyed it! It’s one of my faves too!

  29. Kelli says

    Hey Gwen!
    Have you tried or do you think using part or all of thm baking blend in place of the oat flour would work? Wanting to find a way to cut back on the carbs to make the serving size a little larger. Thanks you!

    • says

      Hi Kelli,
      I haven’t gotten my hands on a bag of the THM Baking blend. I’ve played with coconut flour and am underwhelmed with the texture. I’ll keep experimenting. :) Of all of the lower carb flour options, I chose oat because it gives the most tender result, and I really love the custardy texture. But I’ll keep playing with it!

      • Kelli says

        Thanks for responding! I went ahead and did half oat flour and half baking blend. It turned out amazingly well!!! Next time, ill try all oats or all thm baking blend to see if there’s much difference in texture. The whole family loved it…even the picky little ones! Thank you for another fantastic recipe! Oh! We paired it with your fruit on the bottom yogurt made with frozen strawberries. We were very pleased and satisfied. Thanks again! You’re amazing!!!!

  30. Tracy says

    I live alone & am trying to make up dishes to freeze for easy breakfasts & lunches. This was so delicious!! Do you think it will freeze well??

  31. Mandy DeRocher says

    Hi Gwen, just curious if you could help me on the amount of sweetener. I have messed up so many THM recipes trying to get the amount of sweetener correct. I find that I like Truvia more than THM Sweet Blend when baking. I do like the Sweet Blend in tea. Also, recently purchased THM Gentle Sweet, but haven’t used it yet. Anyway, would love you thoughts. Thanks Gwen and thanks for the awesome recipes!

    • says

      Sweet Blend is a much more intense sweetness than Truvia.
      With any sweetener, I always start with the least amount possible and then taste a bit to see if it’s sweet enough. You can’t take out sweetness once it’s there, but you can easily add more. :) Although with this recipe and the raw eggs, I wouldn’t use the taste method. But that works perfectly with smoothies and other recipes that you can taste as you go.

      For this recipe, I’d use 1/2 cup of Truvia, and not add additional stevia (since Truvia already has stevia blended in). If I were using Sweet Blend, I’d cut back to about 1/3 cup since it’s considerably sweeter. :) Hope that helps!

  32. says

    I used to eat this while serving the USAF in Zweibrucken Germany… for two years my landlords made this about once per week, you’re not kidding it can put the weight on ya’. I brought the recipe home with me and have fed it to my children and husband for 23 years. I had to stop eating it after the baby weight started to pile on! Thank you for sharing this recipe so I can enjoy this German Favorite again, it always brings back fond memories of when I lived off Kirchheimerhoff and my sweet friends the Bernds.
    Rebecca Huff

    • says

      Camille, I’ve never tried it with honey. If it were me, I’d try googling “German pancakes recipe honey” or “whole food German pancakes recipe”…something along those lines. I *have* made this with organic cane sugar, and they’re fabulous. :)

  33. Terry Woods says

    I am confused when you say ” scoops” for the sugar free sugar. You also mentioned Stevia.
    How do I measure it and how much of each sugar free sugar do I use for the Bunny cake?
    This recipe looks delicious and I am anxious to try it soon.

    • says

      Hi Terry! Many brands of stevia extract come with a little tiny measuring spoon that’s 1/32 of a teaspoon. So that’s what I was referring to in the recipe.

  34. Hannah Gray says

    How would this work with an almond flour/coconut flour mixture? They are much lower in carbs. The oat flour I have is 26 carbs for 1/3 cup! Yikes! I’m really wanting to make it for breakfast trying that mixture!

    • says

      I ground the oats myself in the blender, so I can tell how many carbs is going into the recipe. :) Nut flours and coconut flour are so different texture wise. I did a GF version here that uses coconut flour, but the texture is not quite the same for me. I prefer the oat flour.

  35. says

    Hi Gwen, I’ve just made this and it’s delicious (sampled an off cut, he he). Would having two servings of this make it too calorific for breakfast? Thank you!

  36. Mirinda says

    Gwen, have you made this using the THM Baking Blend and/or the new sweeteners?! I want to try but am not sure about ratios/conversions!

  37. Tina says

    Hi Gwen, what is “2 scoops” of Stevia? Is it as the sisters would call “doonks”? 1/32 measurement?

  38. Anne says

    So glad you perfected this recipe. We come back to it again and again. Our kids love it and have no idea that it is healthy.

  39. Patty says

    Oh my! Before THM this was my favorite breakfast! I’m so excited to see this. I’m currently out of oat fiber, but as soon as it arrives, I’ll be making this!

  40. says

    Hi there! This looks amazing! I am trying to figure out if there is any way to make this an E meal. I would like to use apples on top and do not want a crossover. Maybe egg whites? Half butter half mtc oil?

  41. Kim says

    Gwen! How old is this post?! But it is so on top of my regularly made recipes! I’m making it again, because I always get to where I am craving it again!! It feels soooo good to eat this knowing that it is not laden with flour and sugar, but instead is eating one bite of healthy food after another! I am soooo thankful that you took the time to come up with this recipe and that you shared it with us all! Oh! And your berry syrup?!! It gets me through my pancake cravings while allowing me to feel like I am indulging at one of those famous pancake restaurants, because I top mine off with ff redi-whip topping and a cup of coffee with cream!! 40+ lbs lost in a year and nine months, eating like this! I might be a turtle loser, but I’m glad I’m not gaining 5 lbs a year!! So appreciative of your time put into sharing with us!

  42. Bethany Ball says

    I have made these for the gentlemen at the group home where I work. I drizzle theirs with maple syrup and mine disappears too quickly to receive a topping. We all love it.

  43. Laona Koivukangas says

    I grew up on oven pancakes, in Finnish it’s called pannukakku. My spelling may be wrong but I can’t wait to try this!

  44. Sommer says

    We call them Dutch Babies. They are so liked at our house that our son named our cat Dutch Baby!! :). I just started the THM journey and so miss having this dish. Thank you for creating a THM version. I look forward to making it. :)

  45. Sydney says

    My Finnish great grandma called it kropsua. I grew up eating and loving it! Can we substitute oat flour with coconut flour?

    • says

      Maybe? Not sure how that would affect the texture. Coconut flour doesn’t give me consistent results, and it can be gritty. If you try it, let me know!

  46. Bethany says

    I love this recipe! I serve it to my group home guys almost once a week. I also served it to my family for Easter brunch and everyone loves it!