Low Carb Lime Tortilla Chip Recipe


This low carb Lime “Tortilla” chip recipe is such a great way to feed that crunchy-chip craving.  I used to LOVE the salted lime flavored tortilla chips from the store…you know the ones that are full of all sorts of non-healthy junk and carbs.  Yeah.  those. <hangs head in shame>

But I’ve got a new outlook on life, a new Trim Healthy body, and this is a healthy and DELICIOUS way to get that yummy tart, twangy, crunchy, salty flavor without all the carbs and junk.

So for today’s installment of Trim Healthy Tuesday, I’m going to show you how to make these amazing low carb chips!  But don’t go running off to the kitchen right after you grab the recipe…I don’t want you to miss out on the other AMAZING recipes and Trim Healthy blog posts that are shared here each week.


Let’s make some chips!  It’s such a quick recipe, and super easy.  You’ll need: Joseph’s Pitas, salt, and True Lime packets (found on the baking/sweeteners/flavoring aisle at my local grocery store).  You may be able to get decent results with low carb tortillas, but I haven’t had much luck getting them crunchy/crisp.  The Joseph’s wraps, or pitas however crisp up really nicely.


You can tear the Joseph’s Pita open, or cut the edges off like I did here.  You’ll get two round halves.  Cut your pita rounds into wedges, and spread them out on a cookie sheet.


Next, I mixed up a teaspoon of salt with 2 packets of the True Lime.  P1100218

Now, the last ingredient on the box IS organic evaporated cane juice (sugar), but that’s really just to give it some body to pour out of the packet.  There is really SO little sugar there that you don’t even get 1 carb per packet.  So I’m comfortable using a couple packets here.


I gave the chips a few quick spritzes of this olive oil spray, just to help the flavorings to stick.


and then added my lime and salt mixture.  I toasted these in the oven for between 5 and 10 minutes at 400*, keeping a close watch to get them just barely brown and toasty looking.



And the super good news?  These babies are FUEL PULL!   Which means that I can enjoy my own little bowl of chips and lime guacamole when we have Mexican night here.


And OH boy, do I enjoy it.

Here’s your printable recipe for my yummy low carb Lime Tortilla Chip Recipe

Low Carb Lime Tortilla Chip Recipe-FP
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
These delicious low carb 'chips' really fix that crunch craving with the yummy tart & twangy flavors of lime and salt. For the best results, use Joseph's pitas or wraps, or a low carb wrap or tortilla that works for Fuel Pull.
Recipe type: Appetizers & Snacks
Cuisine: Mexican
Serves: 1
  • 1 Joseph's pita
  • 1 t. salt
  • 2 packets of true lime flavoring-found in the spice/flavoring/sugar aisle
  • 3-4 light spritzes of your favorite oil spray
  1. Preheat oven to 400*.
  2. Cut your wrap, pita, or tortilla into wedges.
  3. Spritz lightly with your oil, to get the salt mix to stick.
  4. Blend 2 packets of lime flavoring with the salt.
  5. Sprinkle over your chips.
  6. Toast in the oven until lightly browned and crisp.
  7. Enjoy with the dip of your choice, or even plain!
*I've found that low carb tortillas don't get as crisp as the wraps and Joseph's products.

Have you tried these? What’s your favorite thing to dip with salted lime chips?

And now for LOTS more Trim & Healthy Inspiration…


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  1. kimi @ seethebluesky says

    Looks great! I’d just be worried I would want to eat the whole pack of pitas!
    And thanks for the blog love!

    • Its_Gwen says

      Can you give me a hint? I checked it, but am not sure what I’m looking for. :) You can send me a message if you have a concern…anytime!

  2. breaduh says

    Made these tonight…used lemon instead of lime, because that’s what I had. And the second batch :), I replaced half of the salt with Creole seasoning for a little spice. Delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  3. J Guarino says

    Thank you for the idea/how to make home lime tortilla chips. When I make homemade tortilla chips, everyone likes them. We all like the lime chips so I am sure that we will all like homemade lime chips. I have no idea of how I came upon your blog today; but your story about the thyroid issue was quite interesting. I am hypothyroid so I was drawn to read the information you provided.

    • says

      Sure! :) Easy as can be: smash an avocado, squeeze in the juice of one lime, and salt to taste. SO amazing!

      If you like, you can add cilantro and shopped garlic, but the lime and avocado are perfect together even without them.

  4. says

    The one thing I miss the most since THM is chips and salsa! I’m looking forward to making these! I’ve never seen ‘true lime’, but I’ll be sure to look for it.


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