Our Favorite Cold Weather Recipes

Our FAVORITE cold weather recipes- breakfast done right, sugar free, THM friendly, and GF

Our favorite cold weather recipes- specifically BREAKFAST recipes- because when it’s cold outside, nothing is better than a hot breakfast after you’ve been out in the snow.Our FAVORITE cold weather recipes- breakfast done right, sugar free, THM friendly, and GF

We live in the south, in what might be THE most frustrating longitudinal coordinate possible. People an hour north of us get several inches of snow regularly in the winter. And about an hour south of us, snow is super rare. We absolutely LOVE a good snow, but we really only get a decent snowstorm every decade or so. Today, during the blizzard of 2016…we got 1/8th inch of snow. cold weather food (2 of 5)

But BOY was it gorgeous coming down! And of COURSE the kids needed to get all suited up to go out and play in the snow. And that means only one thing: we had to have pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast! We are a breakfast loving family, and it’s always been our tradition to have waffles or pancakes and hot chocolate when it snows. Now that we’re mostly sugar and grain free, we can still enjoy that tradition with these easy to make, tummy filling recipes…I love that we can eat healthy with no regrets!

As my youngest boy said, “Mommy, this breakfast warms my heart.” Mine too, buddy. Mine too.

Here are a few of our very favorite breakfast cold weather recipes. All of these work with low carb or carb smart, sugar free style eating plans, including Trim Healthy Mama.

SF/GF Pancakes
low carb pancakes

Low Carb Pancake Recipe

Oh Mama…these are SO yummy! And even my GF husband can enjoy them. They’re a THM S friendly recipe, so go ahead and cook up some sausage and slather on the butter. I like to serve these with my sugar free berry syrup, or this sugar free maple syrup.

Yummy Sugar Free Hot Chocolatesugar free hot cocoa recipe smimg

Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

This hot cocoa has a velvety smooth, perfectly chocolatey, and can even be dairy free! On the THM plan, this can be a FP or an S recipe using healthy fats.

Red Hots Cinnamon TeaSO AMAZING! I am not normally a tea lover, but this tea recipe tastes like red hot candies, but it's SUPER healthy!

Cinnamon Red Hots Tea

If you love cinnamon red hots or fireball candies as a kid, you’ve got to try this one! It’s my current addiction. In addition to being delicious, the cayenne and cinnamon make it warming and great for blood sugar!

Cranberry Apple OatmealApple cranberry steel cut oatmeal recipe- SO AMAZING!!! (You can use regular oats too) A THM E or crossover breakfast

Apple Cranberry Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe

I am normally not a huge fan of oatmeal, but this one I adore. It’s tart, has warm chunks of apple in it, and has a little tooth to it. And most importantly, it doesn’t jack up my blood sugar, and it keeps me full until lunch. This would be an E on the Trim Healthy Mama plan. It does cook up quickly, or you can keep it warm in your crock pot while the kids are out sledding. Or trying to scrape the light skim of snow on the deck rails to create one pretty sad snowball…whichever applies to your situation.

Egg in a NestMy favorite egg recipe is egg in a nest: I've given it a healthy lower carb makeover with sprouted bread. This is a THM S Helper recipe! But mostly it's easy and it ROCKS!

Egg in a Nest Recipe

I love this…it’s hands down my favorite egg recipe. The buttery fried bread, nutty toasted cheese, and the perfectly cooked egg make it the perfect start to my day. You won’t believe how easy and quick it is to make! I like to enjoy this as a THM weight loss friendly S helper breakfast-an S breakfast with just a bit of a healthy carb boost. I add some fruit for my kids to cross them over.

My Favorite Cold Weather Recipes Pin

To Pin!Our FAVORITE cold weather recipes- breakfast done right, sugar free, THM friendly, and GF

What are your favorite cold weather recipes for breakfast? Do you have special family traditions on snow days?

I’d love to hear your traditions and favorite breakfasts and hot drinks in the comments!

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